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All the Right Moves

Only from Studio11
Title: All the Right Moves
Category: Advertising
Description: Only from Studio11
Size: 22.34 MB
Duration: 33 seconds
Views: 3574
Uploaded by: JasonK
Uploaded on: 18-Jun-2008

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Comments for the video
Not too shabby...
(Author: MKeyes. Posted on: 23-Jun-2008 1:14 pm)
I suppose this would be an excellent way to promote and it's also a good idea for those that might do mini-animites! Thanks!
(Author: Richardphotos. Posted on: 23-Jun-2008 2:55 pm)
definitely a novel idea to advertise our products.looks promising
(Author: Pinball24. Posted on: 23-Jun-2008 5:30 pm)
Looks like it may be a good idea for some. But what's all the requirements to this type of advertising???
Tiny Tips
(Author: Forrestk. Posted on: 23-Jun-2008 9:42 pm)
Nice idea. Would it be possible to have the option to view these at a size where I could actually see them without a magnifying glass?
(Author: Anniebel. Posted on: 23-Jun-2008 9:55 pm)
Nice idea, but if this is the default size, it is way too small, I could hardly make it out on my monitor.
Please- use it in the right place
(Author: T.Rex. Posted on: 24-Jun-2008 8:35 am)
The screen is too small. The video concept is good for TUTORIALS, but NOT for the regular Marketplace advertising. It doesn't allow for studying Marketplace products like a large still image does. Please see to it that merchants don't abuse the technology because they find it "cool"- this would ruin a very good Marketplace. Video has it's given place in tutorials.
Full Screen is there ...
(Author: Arraxxon. Posted on: 24-Jun-2008 11:58 am)
There is already a full screen switch - it's the button to the right with the two overlapping windows ... it allows the switch between full screen and small version like seen here ... Anyway, for a 22 MB movie in size, using a different, better compression codec, it could be looking better, clearer, i believe ... Otherwise, not bad at all ... opens more ideas and options for use ... (instead of showing still images - a small animation like 360° turn would be interesting ...).
maybe better codec quality
(Author: Arraxxon. Posted on: 24-Jun-2008 12:00 pm)
Anyway, for a 22 MB movie in size, using a different, better compression codec, it could be looking better, clearer, i believe. Otherwise, not bad at all, it opens more ideas and options for use (instead of showing still images - a small animation like 360° turn would be interesting).
It's a start ...
(Author: MichaelAngelis. Posted on: 26-Jun-2008 4:45 pm)
Well, it's a start I suppose. Considering the fact that the target audience at a site like Renderosity is probably graphics artists with high resolution modes in use on their screens, this defualt size is way too small. Also, the stills slideshow does not scale up to full screen when I tried it. At present, this will not replace the quality of the stills the vendors currently provide beneath the product entries on each product page. But it has potential for the future when properly approached. I fear there may be a serious learning curve coming for those attempting to use this - stills versus motion, proper use of fonts, pacing, music/background, video codecs and proper compression for varying content. Again, it's a start. Best wishes. - Michael
Great Promotional Tool That Needs Better Quality!
(Author: lvelev. Posted on: 27-Jun-2008 5:47 pm)
Thanks to Renderosity staff about this great promotional tool! Well, I was surprised to see it today but I can admit I'd waited it for some time to happen! Well, now that I have entered into project relationship with another Renderosity artist for making a slide show movie with my music, this is going to be our promotional bandstand! The quality of video should be better of course with choosing another codec. My questions are: 1.What kind of files does this player support and play? 2. How can Renderosity artists can take advantage of this video player? 3. Can you make its look more intuitive and attractive? This is a great new way to promote our artistry and I hope it's going to develop and stay cause multimedia is everywhere and it finally reached us here! Thanks to Renderosity staff!
Full screen view
(Author: Stan57. Posted on: 28-Jun-2008 7:07 pm)
The Full screen view is very poor quality. I have a high end machine so i know its not my machine :) Need more work for full screen viewing
Right Moves
(Author: G.R.Turner. Posted on: 29-Jun-2008 9:09 am)
All The Right Moves I assume is meant to be ironical as the one thing it does not do is move.This is not a video but a slide show recorded in the video format.
Growing Pains
(Author: mamabobbijo. Posted on: 29-Jun-2008 5:26 pm)
Although it seems a great idea, it also seems that there is much room for improvement. I didn't know about the larger version until I read the comments. The quality seems to suffer at that size. It does seem an amazing new way to advertise. I do hope those who have the technical knowledge will leave some constructive suggestions, as I have none and cannot.
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