Change Center of scene-Camera_turnpoint

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Changing the camera turnpoint out of the center of scene for scene with more than one center.

rogerant on 3:29AM Thu, 08 September 2005

How it works

Chaning the camera-turnpoint in Poser:

The poser cameras turn only around the center or around the selected Figure.
But a real world has much more than one center.

So if you want to create maybe a scene on a top of an distanced hill not in the center of poser, the cameras not turn around it. The pose-Camera turn only about each figure and switch automatically to the selected figure.

So I have no real main-Camera around my distance-scene.

My solution is easy and works good:

1.I load a simple cylinder-prop and make out of him a new figure (over the Hierarchy-Editor: “create new

2.I choose the additional-Camera (with the “+”-Sign) and make it as a slave to the cylinder-figure.

3.I saved it as “Camera-Figure”.

In the scene I load the new figure (it is also a Null-Figure to avert “crosstalk”) and position the
cylinder to the center of my new scene (top of the hill o.e.).

If I switch now to the additional-Camera and I turn around, the camera turns always around the cylinder and consequently around my new center of scene!

-The advantage is, that I could save this cylinder as Pose- maybe (Pose: Hill).

-So I have different centers as pose and the cameras jumps to each center of scene I’m using actually.

(If the cameras focal distance is wrong, you can change it, but need to change the Main-Scale to 100%)

-Additional you can animate the cylinder. So the camera turn allways around the new center in scene and move with the cylinder through the scene animated.

-For good selectability I positioned the cylinder short under the ground invisible, but clickable.

Have fun with this function and a good pose-time, Roger

Tutorial Comments

Stringy  2:55AM Fri, 20 April 2007

I am using this to have a good look around my architecture props. Thanks for sharing!

cornelp  6:13PM Wed, 20 September 2006

Very great idea. I sure will use it, always had camera issues with distant Props. THANK YOU VERY MUCH...

odf  7:08PM Thu, 15 September 2005

Thanks for this great idea. You can be sure I will try it out.