"Clarity For Realism"

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A postwork tutorial using Jasc Paint Shop Pro. This tutorial teaches basic techiniques in adding clarity and smoothness for a finished, vibrant protrait. Focuses on Poser Renders, but could be used in any type of photograph.Beginner to moderate skill level.

brookekroegerdesigns on 2:35PM Wed, 27 July 2005

Getting Started, The Before Photo....

Welcome friends. I have been asked how I achieve such good results in very close up renders. In an effort to teach a bit about doing portraits I decided to do some Poser Tutorials for Paint Shop Pro. So many tuts I found on the net we're based in Adobe PS,and you can achieve much of the same effects with Jasc,and it is much more user friendly in my opinion. I would call this a moderate skill level.
You need a basic understanding of Poser and Jasc PSP.


Lets begin....
The first thing I notice about this image is it appears to be a bit dull.
We need to brighten her face and give her a healthy glow.

Tutorial Comments

sher1  11:02AM Thu, 08 March 2007

Thank you.I wish that there were more tuts on using daz and psp 9 since daz is free most of us (not all ) us it. So mabe if there could be more tuts utalizing more of these two that would be great! Bye the way this tut was very imformative it was exactly what I was looking for all over the web!!!!!!!

evandonk  6:33PM Sat, 13 August 2005

Really great tutorial, as well as your Colour me brilliant tut on DAZ3D. I usually combine the two in PSP9 on my renders, along with some tricks of my own.....

fluffgirl  1:39AM Sun, 07 August 2005

I really love this tutorial.. I will tried it in photoshop.. i should be able to get some better result.. thank you very much