Modeling and Photo-Texturing

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 1968

A tutorial by Holger Schmann on how to use photo-textures for realistic modeling in Cinema 4D.

cartesius on 12:15PM Thu, 05 May 2005

Modeling and Photo-Texturing

A tutorial from Holger Schmann on the use of photo-textures

Using the following example, I would like to demonstrate how a realistic environment can be created using simple models and photo-textures. This tutorial is based on ideas from and books by Bill Flemming. I would like to extend special thanks to Industry Graphics, who were kind enough to supply the textures for this tutorial, all of which can be found at

This is a composite image of the sample scene without textures, polygon grass, polygon stones or additional layers for shadow casting, plus the same scene with textures plus a few extras ;o)

Where should I start?
That's a good question - one I always ask myself before creating tutorials. I won't describe every step down to the last detail because it would only turn this tutorial into an instruction manual. Instead, I'll take you through the basics, then move on to the next topic. If questions should arise, simply go back and review the respective part(s) of the tutorial. What's important is that you understand the individual steps in this tutorial so you can then apply them to other motifs.