Cartoon Shading With P4/5 and PS

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An illustrated cartoon style for those of us who still like more control over materials than those P5 nodes.

theodote on 6:25PM Tue, 08 March 2005

Illustration Style with P4/5 and Post

I have for a long time tried to figure out how to give something back to the Renderosity community for all the help Ive gotten. But there never was anything I knew that hadnt already been covered by the Geepmeister.:-) But some folks have asked me about the render style I use for cartoon images. An excuse for a tutorial! This tutorial is how to achieve the look you see in the image on this page. If you like it, read on.

This is a way to make a cartoon render if you dont have P5, or if you have P5 but you are too much of a control freak to let the material room take over. It is meant for still images. You will need Poser and an image editor. Im using Photoshop, but any should do the trick.

Ready? Let's go!

Tutorial Comments

DelsArt  4:30AM Tue, 19 April 2005

Thankyou for this tutorial. I prefer to do my 'cartoon cel effect' in postwork using filters and actions but your tutorial explained all I needed to know about making big sketch renders.