Making beautiful thumbnails for Poser 5 with nothing but Poser 5

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Many people do not realize that you do not need any additional software to make great thumbnails for your poser characters, poses, and props in Poser 5. This tutorial will show step by simple steps how to create those Icons quickly and painlessly in Poser5 itself!

diviner on 7:10PM Sun, 02 January 2005

Step 1

Here I have finished my Mech and have saved the character, but the thumbnail is just a miniture version of the document window. As one can see, all the elements of the figure that have transparency settings are incomplete in the picture and dont look very good. It is time to unleash a little P5 power and make a thumbnail worthy of my many hours of time and effort.

Tutorial Comments

diviner  4:07PM Wed, 10 December 2008

Thanks for all the nice comments!

shg0816  9:47AM Fri, 06 October 2006

That was absolutely PERFECT!! The directions are clear, consise and easy to follow. I can wait to start putting some personal mats together with thumbnails that will be useful. Thanks for the great tip!!

toppro77  7:13PM Sun, 08 January 2006

Great Tutorial. Works the same in Poser 6 except that you can't resize the render in Poser. At least I can't figure out how to do that that. I render it then take it into my photo program and add a cool mauve background color with a cool lighting effect to the image and then resize it to about 75X150 pixels. Save it as the new .png file and the images look great and it makes it easier to see what you have in your libraries, especially the character detail.

zooter  10:43AM Sat, 10 September 2005

Good, clear tutorial. This technique works for Poser 4 with Pro Pack, too.

jeanne_50  5:23PM Sat, 09 July 2005

Thank you so much for this tutorial. it's soo simple now I know how :) I used to make them in photoshop!! Thanks again, Love, Jeanne

danielsunatwork  1:46AM Sat, 02 July 2005

Very simple, very helpful. THANK YOU!

vitara  12:29AM Thu, 17 March 2005

I always wondered how others' thumbnails looked so "rendered" while mine were so "sketchy" even in full texture mode. I was just about to go through the troubles CandeeKis mentioned above when I saw your great tip here - now I can have MY beautiful thumbnails done within minutes! Thanks heaps!

CandeeKis  3:30PM Wed, 02 February 2005

Excellent ~ This sure saves time from creating those little PNG's in Photoshop and then creating rsr's in P3D0! Great tip!

VARB  9:24PM Sat, 29 January 2005

tank you hommey!

acanthis  6:34AM Sun, 23 January 2005

Damn, why didn't I think of this? ;) This is a great tip. Thanks for sharing.

Tolamaq  8:29AM Sun, 09 January 2005

Very clever! It never occurred to me to do this.

arrow1  3:12AM Fri, 07 January 2005

A great tip and easy to read tutorial which explains everything.Especially for dummies like me! arrow1

diviner  8:23PM Wed, 05 January 2005

Great tip! I hope others will post their tips as well!

svdl  6:42PM Wed, 05 January 2005

A simple and good way to make nice thumbnails. I do it the same way, but I usually use Firefly (at this small size render times are inconsequential). A tip: you can make non-square thumbnails too! You can make them taller if you want a good looking thumb for a tall figure, e.g. a human character. I've got a few thumbnails of 91x140 in my library, they show off the figure very well.