Converting conforming clothes to dynamic clothes

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Conforming skirts and dresses can be a real pain to pose, especially when the character pose is more extreme or the character is heavily morphed. Dynamic skirts and dresses have the advantage that Poser 5 can do the cloth fitting for you.This tutorial will show how to convert an existing conforming clothing item to a dynamic one. For this tutorial I will use PhilCs miniskirt for Judy, available as a freebie on his site,, and of course I will use Judy.Poser 5 is required; dynamic cloth is not available in Poser 4, Poser Pro Pack, Poser Artist or DAZ|Studio. SR4 is highly recommended, but this tutorial will work for all versions of Poser 5 even the original unpatched version.

svdl on 2:46PM Sat, 01 January 2005


The process in short

The cloth simulator likes smart props best. So I will show you how to convert a conforming clothing figure to a smart prop. Then I will show how to set up the cloth simulator. The final result will look something like the image on this page.:


This process will not work on all conforming clothes. A frew definite no-nos:

  • Clothes that intersect the character. For instance all clothes that come with Poser for the P4 figures. The cloth simulator does not like clothing that intersects with the figure itself by default;

  • Clothes that consist of double-sided meshes, like the capes from the Princess sets by Baron Vlad Harkonnen;

  • Clothes that consist of separate meshes that have few or no vertices in common, like many clothes by BillyT.

The properties mentioned above have nothing to do with the quality of the conforming cloth itself! The clothes by BillyT and Baron Vlad Harkonnen are excellent conformers, but the way they are built prevents their conversion to dynamic cloth.

So check for these clothing properties (wireframe view is very useful here) before attempting the conversion. If one or more of the properties mentioned above are true, dont bother to try. If none of the properties mentioned above apply, youve got a good chance that it will work.

Tutorial Comments

cedarwolf  2:39PM Mon, 01 September 2014

Thanks for the tutorial, I'll be using it often.  Do you have the same thing in a size DAZStudio?

SouthTuna  9:57AM Sat, 08 December 2012

Oh thanks Chall. I stopped Poser/DAZ for awhile but recently started again. Thanks for the tip. I refer to this rather often as well. Haha same problem I guess. Thanks again. I appreciate. :]

Challeron  12:08PM Sat, 27 October 2012

SouthTuna, nobody seems to be paying attention to this thread any more (except me, because I have to keep referring to it every time I want to make dynamic cloth; short-term memory problem, heh heh); but to "save the prop to your prop library", click on the "Props" button in your "Library" window (the Library is where you get your Figures from; it should still be available in the Cloth Room, but you can go back to the Pose Room and call it from there), and – with the prop skirt still selected – click the "+" button at the bottom of the Library window. Hope this helps.…

SouthTuna  9:27AM Wed, 14 March 2012

Awesome! It works! However, I have just one question-- How would I "Save the prop to your prop library.", mentioned in the last paragraph on page 5? I have no idea how to do that. Other than that, totally awesome tutorial! Thanks for teaching! :D

amarok  1:29PM Sun, 21 November 2010

Cristal clear tutorial. Thank you very much, this excellent explication open new frontiers.

Gyna  2:45PM Tue, 01 June 2010

Awesome! i tried it on an evilinnocence top and damned if it didn't work beautifully! thanks!!

Fauvist  8:15PM Mon, 18 May 2009

It didn't work for me. I went through the whole tutorial 3 times. I tried it in Poser 6. The figure I used was Victoria 2, and the clothing I used was the 1947 Dress by Rwaller Victoria burst out of the dress like the Increadible Hulk.

Goldenthrush  10:03PM Tue, 24 February 2009

Oh man, once again you save my sanity!! This worked great for the V3 Starlet dress and its serious lack of movement morphs! Thank you SO much!

three3Dguy  3:19PM Fri, 15 February 2008

Wow nobody who post comments here are a beginner?!? Wow!,.. I didn't have any ideas of knowing that this was a advance tutor for only power users!,.. I'm already am lost when you just mention no clothes intersects and what heck does a intersects look like in a Poser mesh object? There our no examples of this intersect for me to understanding it. What do yo mean by intersects?,.. for a example, like a closed off neck and sleeves meaning a opening neck and where the arms pop-out? Do I need to re-model the clothing V4 neck and sleeves (by cutting holes in those areas ) first then re-import it back in Poser? What if some of the clothing are modelled as solid mesh object if there is such a thing in V4 clothing which won't work either?

nwachinaemelu  9:42AM Thu, 31 January 2008


novelist999  10:52PM Thu, 18 October 2007

Thanks for this tutorial! I can't wait to try it. I have tons of clothes that I wish were dynamic. :-)

phlynn  6:15PM Fri, 13 April 2007

Creating an animation? I understand the fundamentals of the cloth room, but I have a problem getting my head around say animating cloth and a walk cycle at the same time. If starting at pose "0" in the cloth room and my animation start point ins frame 30 I only want from frame 30 onwards. Any suggestions, or a tutorial on this would be great! Thanks!

trfalk  2:25AM Sun, 04 March 2007

I've always viewed Poser as the animation software it was originally marketed as.. and this tutorial is much appreciated. The author's freebie dynamic items demonstrate how dynamic clothing can be.. but now we uses have a way of using conforming products too! Well done

Pete_xp  9:39AM Fri, 23 February 2007

Thank you for a great tutorial, I used the P4 Halter Top for the tutorial. I exported it out of poser, cut out the arm & neck plugs with blender, added a subsurf to it & sent it back in to poser. I then followed the rest of your tutorial, & my eyes nearly fell out of my head when the top went straight on to P7's Sydney. This has really opened up the poser wardrobe, thanks so much. **runs off to raid Posette's dresser**

jan_scrapper  5:35PM Wed, 24 January 2007

After seeing this tutorial, I am going to try again in the cloth room. Thank you so much!!!

TSHamby  11:56AM Mon, 11 December 2006

This shall prove most useful ... thank you!

montyoum  6:56PM Mon, 16 January 2006

It might just be me, but for some reason a lot of my simulations are stopping far before they last frame. I.E. I would put a skirt on a figure set to move for 30 frames and it would only go to say 8 or 9 depending on what type of animation it is. I've been trying to fix this for 3 days. And what really bugs me is that I COULD get it to work originally, and now it won't. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

kobanion  7:46PM Wed, 30 November 2005

Thanks for an excellent, and very informative, lesson. I ran through it using V3 and the Jane Dress, and everything worked flawlessly -- with one exception. Since there were, apparently, no seams to weld together, I got an unexpected result, to wit: an interesting, and unintentionally amusing, "wardrobe malfunction"; in other words, she busted her stitches, and the dress separated and fell away, albeit exactly as it should have done, under the circumstances. So even in error, we learn things. Good job. And extremely useful in future. (I just have to pay more attention to the craftsmanship of my models' clothes!)

paper-tiger  6:25AM Mon, 28 November 2005

This is a great tutorial! I love the flexibility(haha) of dynamic cloth, and now many of my beautiful-but-frustrating conforming clothes (hello, MFD) are seamlessly, dynamically posed for me. I LOVE it! Five stars! *****

zoe_shashini  7:08PM Sun, 02 October 2005

Your tutorial is a godsend! Just thought I'd let you know it works for the V3 Morphing Fantasy Dress as well... looks best if only the skirt is in the dynamic group.

fuzion112  11:29AM Wed, 01 June 2005

Thanks for the very infomative tutorial I've been looking for help on this topic. You made it so simple and easy to understand Now my clothing options are endless and no more bothersome magnets.

udgang99  10:00AM Mon, 18 April 2005

This is an EXCELLENT tutorial!!! I have been playing around with different things to turn into dynamics ... so far it's been fun taking the caysuit for V3, oversizing it, and then dress V3 in it! :) Also, BillyT's trenchcoat for V3 works great! fun-fun-fun :)

saf  5:27PM Sun, 27 March 2005

This tutorial is very helpful I have loads of clothes for Vic 3 and was looking to see if they could be converted to dynamics for use in Poser 6. My first attempt seems very promising. Many Thanks.

shorterbus  12:31AM Thu, 03 February 2005

Thanks for the tutorial on converting conforming clothes to dynamic ones. It was well written and very helpful!