Poser5 fullbody morphs in Zbrush 2.0

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this tutoral presents a step by step, detailed guide to making a full body morph for Poser5 in Zbrush 2.0 I have used this method with 100% success.

diviner on 5:57AM Thu, 30 December 2004

getting started, step one

Open zbrush 2.0. go to the preferences drop down and make certain that none of the boxes are highlighted under 'inport export'.

Tutorial Comments

AMortis  10:20AM Sat, 30 January 2010

Excellent...works great...thanks for taking the time to make a hassle, not one. I'm using Poser 8 and zBrush 3.5, all works...if you export the geometry,out of poser, just check include body part names include figure names as morph target and all will come back into Poser usable... Thanks again!

StudioArtVartanian  10:32AM Mon, 04 June 2007

ive try it it, dosent work with zbrush3 and poser 7

michelange  3:56AM Mon, 19 June 2006

You can also morph V3 with closes. To do this prepare V3 as Zero figure than conforme some clothes. See Royurel's tuto (full body morph for poser step 1 to 3) to export it to Zb (unckek only Ground). I tested it under P6.

diviner  3:37PM Wed, 05 April 2006

PLEASE NOTE: At this time if I export from z2 an altered obj that spans multiple body parts, it welds them into one obj

diviner  11:00AM Wed, 05 April 2006

UPDATE: I have tried doing exports from poser 6 into z brush and it appears that one does not get the 'inside out' problem with it like in poser 5. WARNING: P6 Jessi's head has 2 or 3 non standard polygons so you cannot use it to make head / face morphs in zbrush. Zbrush removes the polys and replaces them with standard polys. this means that when you pt in poser for a morph target it has the wrong number of vertices after Z2's auto correction. How ever I have exported the rest of her as a .obj and she ports back into poser just fine.

diviner  12:25PM Thu, 30 March 2006

Frankly I dont know. I do know that the geometry files in poser six for Jessie are some wacky format so you cant change them by direct import to Zbrush. As far as I know P6 fuctions pretty much the same as P5 otherwise. One should in theory just follow the same procedures. When I have time I will do some experimenting as well.

lezie  6:19AM Thu, 30 March 2006

what about poser 6? do you import the same way?

DRAKELOT  11:20AM Mon, 06 February 2006

Great tut ... xcellent images and very clear !!! Bravo.

go0dy317  5:11PM Mon, 05 December 2005


fabriced  1:14PM Tue, 01 November 2005

thank you for this tuto very clear for me. thank you again.

nacho_grande  9:56AM Mon, 14 March 2005

Thank you for this deatiled and illustrated tutorial. It is what I was exactly looking for. Great work indeed.

gtrdon  5:13PM Sun, 13 March 2005

Excellent tutorial even though I don't have Zbrush I learned alot stuff from this info. "Thank You So Much" for taking the time in putting this together.

stephen_tacoma_wa  9:42PM Wed, 02 March 2005

Thank you for putting together such a detailed tutorial. This is a very important subject and having the step by step pictures as well as dialog is most comforting while learning.

diviner  1:39PM Mon, 07 February 2005

Note: If you have done a figures face in poser and you want to make it a proper morph target you can follow start at step 13 and by selecting the custome characters face you can create an object from it and treat it just like a prop created from an object file.