glitter text

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just a little tutorial on how to make glitter text in psp

Draven931 on 4:56PM Sat, 18 December 2004


Open a new image (File > New): 600 x 300 pixels, 72 ppi, transparent, 16.7 million colors.

Tutorial Comments

missykia  5:35PM Sat, 08 March 2008

That was awesome!

SmTwnLIgrl  2:42PM Mon, 22 January 2007

I had been looking for day's for a Glitter Text maker, one that was easy to follow. Most people that write tutorials forget that some people looking at them have no clue what they are doing, but with this tutorial I found it easy and fun to work with, well to my surprise it worked and I am having fun making Glitter Text. Thanks a whole bunch for the work you do.

tape  6:14AM Sun, 19 November 2006

Interesting spin on my own tut at :)

wildmoreorless  1:29PM Sat, 12 February 2005

I am a novice at all this and have been looking for help every where, I've just done this first tutorial and it worked fantastic and first time. Many many thanks!