the 30 second Poser render speed upgrade

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This tutorial will show you how to speed up renders, make Poser more responsive to the "cancel" button, and make the all around Poser experience more enjoyable.

commander_bombast on 6:48PM Wed, 01 December 2004

Render options

First, select Render|Render Options (Ctrl-Y).
You will get this screen.

Tutorial Comments

visionastral  8:28AM Wed, 18 August 2010

I just noticed its a google cache... I'll copy paste it here: Core Parking is a feature of Windows 7 that is causing rare performance problems. I don't notice it on my home i7 / Win7 system but some people are getting microstutters and odd behavior in certain programs. Without the following " tweak" you may see CPU spiking in your programs and Windows Task Manager - some CPU cores will be "turned off" / "parked" depending on load and they will be dynamically turned on or off and dynamically loaded up or down as the system deems necessary - the scope for glitchs / pops / clicks / droputs etc.... in such an environment is simply enormous. To the best of my knowledge, there is no known "switch" to turn it off - no utility I am aware of to "tweak" it off. THE FIX Launch regedit - Select Edit > Find... and find this key: " 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583 " - Within this key, there is a value called: " ValueMax " This value represents the % number of cores the system will park - Change the value of " ValueMax" to 0 so that, it matches " ValueMin " - You will have to find the key a few times and repeat the process for each time it is found - the number of instances will depend on the number of power profiles in your system. To do this go back up to Edit > Find Next. (I had 3 instances of this key in my registry.) - Do a full shutdown and power-off and cold-re-start. The Result Better load balancing across all you CPU cores - no spiking - in Windows 7 Task Manager

visionastral  8:24AM Wed, 18 August 2010

By the way, if you are using win7 with multiple cores and see some cores doing nothing while rendering, GO THERE: This is a common issue about core parking features in win7..... :(

visionastral  7:36AM Wed, 18 August 2010

Ok, I know this is an old thread, but since it's easy to find via google, I'll write this here. I will talk about poser pro 2010 and core i7 or xeons with lots of ram on win7 64bits with the native 64b poser pro app. If you use an i7 system or anything with multicores AND hyper-threading, must disable hyperthreading in the bios of your computer. Firefly renders can crash and make corrupted images if you try to render more threads than the amount of REAL cores that you actually have. The best settings for this kind of processors is to allow only the amount of real cores that you have, disabling hyperthreading and using "large" buckets. Howeve, keep in mind that, the more cores and renders threads you make, the more memory will eat the firefly render for the same bucket size. Just as an example, I work with a 2 physical cpu intel xeon 5570 (the same as an i7 at 2.93ghz with turbo and ht) and 24gb ram ddr3 You can think 24gb of ram is a lot, but it isn't in fact, because I am working with 8 physical cores, just like if it was 8 computers at once, meaning you will have to feed every core with enough memory to handle the (very heavy) render I set on poser. The more physical cores you have, the more memory you NEED in orde to succesfully render anything. if the system runs out of memory (uses more than 90% of the physical memory) then windows will automagically use the HDD instead, droping you render performance 100%, because the hdd is too much slow to follow your processors, meaning the CPU use will drop to 5% and your system will be unresponsive... Another thing that will have a BIG impact on your memory is the amount of auxiliary buffers you set for your render. This option is only present in the PRO version, but keep in mind it can easily eat the double of ram at render time if you enable all the auxiliary buffers (as I do) In my case, in ordder to render a 4000x4000 image with all the auxiliary buffers, with a scene of 4 characters with lots of clothes on, 2 vehicles and 1 figure for the road, I set the bucket size to 64, enable 8 render threads, disable hyperthreading at bios and I let it cook for 2h. Even in this case with this config, the cpus will not reach 100% all the time. This is because the way the firefly render engine works. i suppose it is related to the reflections in some shaders and transparency. Insome cases, the cpu utilisation will drop as low as 12% because only one core will be used to render. If you want to avoid that, the only solution right now is to avoid reflections on shaders. By the way, wi this config, the total amount of ram used can climb up to 20gb. Not always, but you will have to keep some space for memory peaks, otherwise the virtual memory will engage and your render will take days to finish (if it finish at all!) I hope this info could be usefull for someone someday! :)

commander_bombast  3:33PM Thu, 21 May 2009

Another thing: again more than the 30 second thing - is to HIDE all the body parts that are clothed. Is a figure wearing shoes? Hide the feet. Are they wearing pants? Hide the parts that don't show, like pelvis and thighs. This will not hurt your hair and cloth calculations, but the raytracer will not need to test these hidden parts for reflection or ray collisions. Some experimentation will be needed for your scene, but this can be quite an effective way to increase speed.

secutor  8:45AM Sun, 23 December 2007

Thanks Commander Bombast and also Filmguy24p..combined you've speeded up my renders by around 2000% nice tips thx for sharing.

waxlrose20  2:34PM Sat, 25 August 2007

Great tutorial! According e-Frontier, Poser 7 does support multiprocessors.

commander_bombast  4:43PM Mon, 07 May 2007

One is glad to be of service.

deadman_walking  10:51AM Mon, 19 March 2007

Hey Com_Bom & filmguy24p This works in DazStudio also. Thanks, you are both blessed.

nasmcpt1  7:41AM Sat, 18 November 2006

Very Informative filmguy. Thank you.

filmguy24p  5:37AM Mon, 28 February 2005

Okay, here's a little friendly help that goes beyond 30 seconds, but with due appreciation to commander bombast these are the things that made life bearable when rendering movie animations at full quality. I was able to go from 6 minutes per frame to 45 seconds per frame with these techniques. Your mileage may vary. BUCKET SIZE: Actually, if you have a system with a heap of RAM (heap being half a Gig or more), you can actually speed things up by specifying a LARGER render bucket. Also, knowing what gizmos you can turn off in Windows to free up more RAM so that you can use a larger bucket size is worth the research. A larger bucket size means that Poser can do more in one swell foop, reducing overhead. My bucket sizes are usually 200 plus, and at one point in time I was using a bucket size of 486, but then my system has 2 Gig of RAM. For Windows XP users, take some time to learn what things you can and cannot turn off. For all Windows users, start by killing everything in the systray area leaving only the clock and the volume control. Exit applications such as Windows IME or the Office toolbar unless they are really needed (right click on your task bar and choose "Toolbars" at the top). Little systray background applications such as Winamp Agent, Quicktime Player, Real Player, motherboard monitors, antivirus and anti-trojan software can all be exited while you are doing your renders and save you more than 100 Meg of your system RAM resources (just stay offline while your antivirus is dead). NOTE: If you use The Cleaner anti-trojan software you should know that while it doesn't occupy a lot of RAM, it does gobble up a relatively high percentage of your CPU cycles. There are two things Poser is hungry for; CPU cycles and RAM. Get familiar with CTRL+ALT+DEL in Windows 2K or XP and learn what processes are running in the Process tab. Many processes can safely be killed by right-clicking and doing an "End process tree" (always kill the whole tree). You will probably need to experiment, so TAKE CAREFUL NOTES! Every little bit helps, eh? If you have a multi-processor or hyperthreaded system you've probably heard that Poser doesn't support multiple processors. Yeah, well, kinda. Sorta. The fact is that you can set the "affinity" of Poser to one processor and set the rest of the Windows Kernel to the other processor(s) and have a Poser instance that is free and clear to navigate! Also, you can set the "process priority" for Poser up to "high" or possibly even "real time." (Caution: ONLY try real time if you've limited the affinity to one of multiple processors! If you've only got one processor, just don't go there!) Setting the priority to "high" from its default level sped up my renders by almost 100%! Yowsa! Also, the Poser 5 manual lists a lot of things that can speed up rendering by sacrificing quality. If you're just trying to get your lighting and ray tracing tweaked, try bumping the "Minimum shading rate" up to 4.000 or even higher. Some of your textures (like Kaila's freckles) will look more like a bad case of chicken pox, but your lighting will be accurate and you can judge it in about 1/4th the time. Dropping the "Pixels samples" down to 1 will speed things up, and the quality degradation will only be noticible if you're doing animations. If you're NOT doing animations, this tweek alone will signficantly speed up your renders. For most "outdoor" lighting WITHOUT mirror reflections, limiting your raytrace bounces to "1" will still look superb, in fact you might not notice any visible difference, but you will get a real speed boost. The "Remove backfacing polygons" can speed up your render by as much as 30% - use it as long as you are not trying to render reflections in a mirror. Finally, don't use the Depth of Field check box if you don't have a background you need to throw out of focus! If you need the depth of field to match another image, like a photograph, make sure you set your focal distance! An out of focus render will slow the render down immensely (like ten times slower, or more). Using a larger F-stop number will help, of course. Just some friendly tips from a guy who's been bashing his head bloody for the past month trying to get faster renders! Cheers, filmguy24p

der_rodo  10:01AM Thu, 13 January 2005

thanks a lot. poser renders much better now! rodo

jwdell  11:07PM Tue, 28 December 2004

Wow!! That's such a simple idea, but I bet it works AWESOME!!! I have so much crap going at once that Poser runs out of memory and crashes all the time, I'll bet this will help alot!! ThanXXXXXXX!!!! -JD