Age Clothes with a P5 Shader Node

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A simple way to change the look of clothes you have bought. In this case I'm making them look a bit older, with a bit of experimentation you can do all sorts of things.

Fugazi1968 on 10:27AM Fri, 12 November 2004

Getting Started

Load up your favorite model and clothing item. I'm using V3 with the Morphing Cocktail Dress, both available from the Daz website.

Go to the materials room and select a material region on your clothing model.

Tutorial Comments

McGheenie  10:40AM Sat, 09 April 2011

Very cool tutorial, thanks for taking the time John

Seaview123  9:46PM Sat, 03 May 2008

Really good tutorial! Thanks for putting in the time and effort to do this for us! Excellent work!

Pete_xp  2:50AM Fri, 23 February 2007

Awesome, thanks John