Curved Surface Modeling In Shade

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 502

In this tutorial we'll use the Curved Surface object type to model a wristwatch, which we'll then shade using transparency, procedural and image-mapped textures.

BrainGuy63 on 5:19PM Thu, 07 October 2004

1. Creating basic items

First, create the watch crystal. Start by creating an open line (if we use a closed line, Shade treats the result as a toroid and we'll get artifacts when we render) and making it solid by revolving it (Tool palette, Solid>Revolve.)

Then, create the bezel by creating a closed line at the edge of the crystal and revolving it. Be sure to revolve the bezel outline around the center of the crystal so they line up.

Now, we'll create the body of the watch. First, create another open line and rotate it around the center of the crystal to form a solid...