Cartoon crash

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From a newbie for newbies, a funny "cartoon style" effect

wolffenrir on 2:20AM Sat, 18 September 2004

1st step

First of all I want to apologize for my poor English, I'm italian, like my Photoshop is, so I took many screenshots to help everyone figure out the steps

Let's go

Ok, the fact is I LOVE CARTOONS, so I tried to render one of the funniest effects used: the character passing through walls (or doors), leaving his contour

The first thing to do is to retrieve a good image. Google can help, as usual, so try to find the character you like.
Here I found Duffy Duck (copyright by Warner Bros)

Fire it in PS and go...
Let change the picture to Grayscale (we don't need colors)

Tutorial Comments

regaltwo  1:17PM Wed, 13 April 2005

Very clever and nice effect. I once did something similar using a terrain and an alpha plane.

Dr_T  2:38AM Tue, 28 December 2004

Great tut! Nice use of the terraine tool.

BarkinMadd  12:24PM Wed, 17 November 2004

Nice tut! I didn't know you could do boolean differences using terraine!

Bobbie25  8:20AM Mon, 04 October 2004

wow this is cool ty so much for the tut

yarp  10:30AM Thu, 30 September 2004

I love cartoons too, this gave me ideas. Good tutorial.

TrekkieGrrrl  2:10PM Fri, 24 September 2004

What a GREAT idea! Thanks for this tut!

sittingblue  9:54PM Sun, 19 September 2004

This tutorial is an excellent idea for a 3d tutorial. Great job.