Rock Tutorial

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Lacking a way to make realistic looking stones I set out one afternoon to perfect a method to make them using my favorite 3d program cinema 4d...

kuzan on 4:23PM Thu, 26 August 2004

Making stones/Rocks

I came up with this method of making stones in cinema 4D inspired by a tutorial I saw here but not made for my program so after an afternoon of playing this is what I came up with. I thought Id share itFYI this is my first tutorial

Tutorial Comments

-dragonfly3d-  7:32PM Sat, 05 April 2008

Can't wait to try this one!!!

Elcet  3:28PM Thu, 20 September 2007

Not so easy as it looks, even for somebody who uses Cinema4D from some time (I have the 9.0 version), but well explained… and very useful to build scenes! Excellent!

4pack  11:33AM Fri, 18 March 2005

Thanx for that. I'm just starting to get to grips with C4D and need all the tips I can get. Good result. Cheers

andy_k  4:24PM Mon, 20 September 2004

may I suggest that although the results are OK the route which you took to build the object was a little longwinded. Try starting with a cube then applying 1 level of hypernurbs subdivision to it to create your base object.

Becco_UK  6:50PM Sun, 19 September 2004

Thank you for making this tutorial - it should provide a good basis for newcomers to the 3D community, C4D in particular. Best Wishes.

Rainastorm  6:40PM Wed, 01 September 2004

Awesome! I actually got a nice lil rock outta this, thanks! It is a fun tutorial! :-)