Archiving - Making Order From Chaos

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Our Runtime folders fill up pretty fast. Not only does it slow down your Poser program, but it slows down your efficiency as well. This tutorial will cover archiving, creating directories, and cleaning out your Runtime folder of your non-essentials.

DaveF on 6:29AM Sun, 01 August 2004

Archiving - Making Order From Chaos

Been at Poser a while? Been purchasing files as quickly as you can pay off your credit card? Do you load every single new purchase into your Runtime as soon as you unpack the zip file just so you can play around with it? Have you noticed Poser takes longer to load up files once you've selected them from the library? Do you find yourself spending more time fishing around your Poser libraries trying to find that perfect prop, clothing item, scene or pose file?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you may have a problem that's just going to continue to grow. How about answering this question: "Do you know exactly what you have loaded into your Runtime?"

If you answered "No", then, my fellow Poser-holic, it's time we clean house and rid your Runtime of all the extra fluff you don't use or need. This tutorial will cover organizing all of your Poser-related purchases and archiving them in a way that will make retrieving them for later use easy. Read on....

Tutorial Comments

u-designer  1:50PM Fri, 29 September 2006

Many thanks. It is just what i need, it gives me a great way to get organised even as a newbie it stared to get out of hand. Nice One :-)

tankman  3:02PM Sat, 29 April 2006

Looks good - this is helpful for my efforts to organize my poser resources. Now what I need is to find a way to easily install/uninstall packages from the Runtime folder...

chongk  4:00AM Fri, 18 November 2005

Lovely tutorial... now if only someone would come up with a way of partially automating the cataloging system...

Andrew_C  8:40AM Wed, 15 June 2005

Very handy suggestions - I'm in the middle of reorganising my dowloads directory now. Esp like the thumnails idea.

DarkElf51  11:47AM Sun, 09 January 2005

Good Job! I was just about to write a tutorial for this very thing and stumbled across this one. Only my approach was much more involved and not nearly as clear. Kudos to ya!!

Terrielee  10:26AM Wed, 24 November 2004

Great Tutorial! I've been working on a similar approach myself and got some great ideas here! Thank you!