Barbutte Rhino Tutorial

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A great little tutorial on how to make a Barbutte.

Axe on 10:50AM Sat, 30 November 2002

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This is a tutorial on one method of modeling a Barbutte helmet with Rhino. This was a project inspired by the Renderosity Rhino3D Forum's Challenge of the Month for April 2000. This is by no means the only, or best, way of modeling this item, it is just the way I happened to go about it.

Tutorial Comments

Axe  10:30AM Mon, 13 February 2006

Contact me directly: and I can help you through it. The loft works fine in all versions of Rhino, so it must in how it's set up.

bowlofnoodle  9:02PM Sun, 12 February 2006

The loft of the overall does not work for some reason, I am using rhino v3.

Spike  11:34AM Wed, 08 January 2003

This is a very cool tutorial that will help anyone that wants to learn how to make armor for a figure. Great job!