How to make a faucet in Rhino 2.0

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A Faucet tutorial. You will learn commands like:Osnap, Sweep Along 2 Rails, Rebuild, Environment Map, Blend surface, Smooth, Extrude and Split.

Spike on 9:41AM Sat, 30 November 2002

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This tutorial will show you one of the many ways to build a faucet using Rhino 2.0.

The basics:

All buttons used in this tutorial will be listed in quotes "Like this".
All menu items used in this tutorial will be listed as follows, If I wanted you to do a save, I would show it as follows, "File>Save".
I strongly suggest you make slight changes to your profile curves so they dont match this tutorial. After all, you want to make your own faucet.
At the bottom of the screen there are 4 boxes, Snap, Ortho, Planar and Osnap. Remember where they are as we will use the often.
Remember to use the zoom in and out "CTRL + Right mouse Drag up or down" and the drag view "Shift + Right mouse Drag to move". These tools will save you tons of time.
If you double click on the view title it will go to full screen. I use this often.
We will always work in the view pictured unless stated.


We will be making this faucet to scale so we must set up the grids to help us with this process.
Open a new window "File>New" and pick Inches as the template.
Go to "Tools>Options" and click on the "grid" tab. Set the "Snap Spacing" and "Grid Spacing" to .25. Set the "Grid Extents to 5.0. Click Ok.

Ok Lets get started.