P5 Blender Node Trick

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Learn how to use Poser 5 Blendor Nodes to create makeup for your character without the use of additional texture maps!

d-larsen on 5:32PM Fri, 07 May 2004


Stupid Blender Node Tricks
Using Blender Nodes in Poser 5 Material Room
And Photoshop 7.0

This Tutorial will hopefully teach you how to use the Blender Node in Poser 5’s Material Room to create the effect of makeup on your model without having to paint additional texture maps thus reducing zip file sizes immensely. My most recent character package would have been over thirty megabytes, zipped, in order to have included all the texture maps for seven different makeup sets had I done it the old way.

I did not create this procedure, I simply modified it to work the way I needed it too. Mason first posted this method in the Renderosity Poser Forum. I could not get it to work the way he laid it out for my Victoria 3 texture maps. It worked fine on Vicki 2 maps but always messed with the Ambient and Specular Channels of the face so it no longer matched the body textures. After many hours of playing with it I came upon this solution and have chosen to share it with everyone here.

So many of you folks have helped me through my growth period and learning curve that I felt it was my duty to share this with everyone I could! After all, the original process came to me by tutorial so why shouldn’t I share what I have learned. Enough said, let’s get on with it:

You will need Photo-Editing Software that allows layers, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Deep Paint, etc. Of course you’ll need Poser 5 or better. Sorry, Poser 4 and Pro Pack do not have shader nodes and can not display these types of makeup settings. So, remember that not everyone has Poser 5, nor wants it, and separate the Pose files you create for your textures using this method into different folders.

MAT Pose Edit 3.1 does capture these settings even though you can’t see them or edit them. I edit the pz2 files I create using this method manually with Windows Notepad when I need to edit them. Here’s what we’re going to create:

One file saved in raw format like .psd file called Transmap.psd
Three JPEG files for the transmaps of Eyeshadow/Eyeliner, Lipstick, and Blush
Create Blender Modes in the Material Room and apply makeup to the Lips, Eyes, and Cheeks of one of your characters

If you are ready and have everything ready we’ll begin:

Tutorial Comments

radioham  3:38PM Sun, 16 August 2015

An very  good tutorial  covers all the points very well  many thanks Ian

zzenn  12:27PM Wed, 28 January 2009

This is a good tutorial. It would have been nice with an initial explanation or recap of the process step by step for refering back to later. Anyway, good job. For those curious, it's a tutorial about how to use alpha masks in poser, more or less.

Ricky5  9:51PM Tue, 14 June 2005

Is Photoshop 8 Missing ?

bagoas  3:33AM Mon, 27 December 2004

Congratulations! While being an absolute newbie to Poser, (but not such a newbie to programming), I understood the basics of your tutorial. On reverse-engineering the I conclude Poser applies logical combinations (AND/OR) of bitmaps to determine which texture should be applied where, just as I hoped/assumed it would. Same holds presumably for bump maps etc. Again, well done, and thanks. Your tutorial sure clarifies a lot.

FreeBass  7:25PM Sun, 22 August 2004

'KIN-A!!! & WOO-HOO!!! & BITCHIN'!!! THIS is what I was lookin' fer/ bustin' a nut tryin' to figger out 8-) I gonna name my 1st born after ya ;-)

d-larsen  11:58PM Tue, 01 June 2004

That's exactly why I posted this tutorial! You are the first to comment about how could be a very powerful tool for Poser 5. You are exactly right in that it can be used in tattoos, to create masks, to create textures using materials that would take large texture maps eating up all kinds of memory. Congratulations, you move to the head of the class with many more experienced users who did not catch my hints and tips at the end of the tutorial or who chose not comment about it. My hope was that perceptive people would realize the power of these nodes without adding the overhead to their system. Thanks for your comments! Dale

danamongden  9:43PM Tue, 01 June 2004

I spent the weekend with someone who was doing some bodypainting with an airbrush. Much of it was freehand, but a lot of it was done with the help of stencils. That is, he had a piece of plastic with patterns cut out of it, allowing the paint through in specific places. He could build up an image by spraying paint through different stencils, one for each color of the image. It occurs to me that you could use this blender node trick for applying a whole host of body art (tattoos, make-up, etc.) independant of the underlying texture. Just create one or more transparency maps to act as stencils (even allowing for gradient bleeds) and let the final user assign the appropriate colors. Pardon me if I'm just hammering the obvious, but I'm fairly new to the tools.

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