Transforming an ordinary Photo to a Nice Illustration

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Transform your ordinary photos to great looking illustration.

Grigori on 10:52AM Thu, 29 April 2004

Transforming a photo into a nice illustration

I have been experimenting with photos lately and figured out how to make it into a nice looking illustration. All you need is Photoshop, a nice photo, a mouse or a pen tablet.

First thing you have to do is look for a nice photo, open it in photoshop. Then in the layers palette, create a duplicate layer of the background layer. Name the new layer as layer 1 or put any name that you like. Then hide the background layer by clicking on the "eye".

Tutorial Comments

farina  2:55PM Wed, 12 January 2005

to gud:-

farina  2:48PM Wed, 12 January 2005

its not loking Ilustration

csicilia  2:56PM Wed, 22 September 2004

Thanks for the tricks! Carlos Caracas, Venezuela

sadartek  9:14AM Fri, 16 July 2004

nice model! lol