Furry balls

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A method to create a furry texture with Vue 4 and Vue4 Pro.

Polax on 9:12AM Tue, 06 April 2004

Step #1

Are you interested in creating fairly good-looking 3D furry balls with your favorite app ?
This tutorial will show you how to give a furry look to your Vue-balls (or other objects) WITHOUT POSTWORK .
This technique is valid for both Vue d'Esprit 4 and Vue4 Pro.

Tutorial Comments

zglows  5:17PM Sun, 10 June 2007


LordXenos  6:44PM Sat, 31 December 2005

Awsome tutorial... thanks for writing it!

inverse  9:52PM Sat, 08 October 2005

Great tutorial! But could you translate step#8 into Vue5 Function Editor?

Polax  9:29AM Sat, 30 April 2005

There might be problems with the different versions of Vue (and upgrades/patches), with the mapping mode of the BW file . Try changing it from object spherical to object standard. If it still does not work, IM me Id be glad to give help and send a sample file :)

marcostudio  9:14AM Sat, 30 April 2005

With me, it doesn't work like on the picture. The material is only like yours left in the frame. but everytime i render the picture there are stribes :-( But it looks really great at the pictures!

FrenchKiss  7:34AM Sat, 01 May 2004

Chouette Paul!!! Extra comme idée!

regaltwo  9:18AM Wed, 21 April 2004

Really just wanted to thank you for doing this. We're all happy now. :)