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A simple way to make a waterfall with TG.

Gasta on 11:40AM Thu, 25 March 2004


This tutorial is offered by your affectionate Gasta, I discovered a simple way to make a waterfall in TG 9.19 I hope you enjoy it.
Obviously I could not make it with the water so I used a stone. The question is: How to look a stone like the water? For this tutorial I used a 513 x 513 terrain.

Tutorial Comments

Rose  10:05PM Sun, 21 December 2008

I really appreciate you giving this tutorial - however I just must be trying too hard because I can't get the black/white image to show up in my World Machine program - I will keep trying though!

criticman  4:02PM Mon, 03 September 2007

and you can all hate me ^^

criticman  4:02PM Mon, 03 September 2007

is it just me or is there no water actually "falling" in the shot.... and ur waves are too big aswell hehe. or if that white stuff is water falling make the shoreline have more foam coz it doesnt look like its entering it. ps. i am a critic now.

water  9:11PM Sat, 09 June 2007

Many thanks !

Gasta  12:54PM Mon, 24 January 2005

little help: in WM click on the second icon on the high right menu (it show a green arrow), it is the "file input" icon; now click on the center of the WM window; double clic on the file input cell that you have created; clic on the "set" button; find the terrain you have created and load it; this is how to continue from page 4 on.

Gasta  12:35PM Mon, 24 January 2005

Dear F1Racer, in internet there are a lot of tutorial about World Machine. A LOT! the purpose of this tutorial is to explain a procedure to obtain a good quality waterfall in terragen. It's a tutorial for intermediate level users and not for beginners.

ftr2k4  7:18PM Sat, 15 January 2005

You need to be more in depth with this tutorial. I too was unable to follow it because of its assumptions.

F1Racer  8:20AM Sun, 19 September 2004

Hmmm This tutorial assumes you know how to import the images into World Machine. It doesnt specify which image format it can accept either. I was unable to do this tutorial because it assumed the end user knew how to do everything except follow the text. A shame as Im sure its a great tut if you know what your doing, but surely the whole point of a tutorial is to learn that.

Pedja  8:26AM Tue, 07 September 2004

Pedja  8:24AM Tue, 07 September 2004


celtxian  6:21AM Sun, 28 March 2004

Great tutorial... I am planning to have a go when I get a spare hour or two.