My Take On Painting Cloth In Photoshop

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A small, but comprehensive guide to how I paint the cloth in my images :)

MiKo0 on 6:46PM Wed, 24 March 2004

You asked...

Just click on the printer friendly link to view it properly :)

Tutorial Comments

radioham  10:46AM Sun, 16 August 2015

Hello Mike  your tutorial looks fun   thanks

Elfyn  4:55AM Sun, 15 June 2008

Inspirational! I want to create some clothing for historical figures and this was really helpful. Look forward to your next tutorial. Elfyn

aswang  3:40AM Sun, 27 January 2008

by LiquidMetal, clear and simple. I like it!

shadowking1957  2:55AM Wed, 19 October 2005

what a good tutorial even I could follow it, so much work and information thank you.

Coin  11:10AM Tue, 07 June 2005

HI Again..So glad I went back to look at your art work...and found more of your tutorial that was so very visible..Wow, Thanks ..Coin

Coin  11:06AM Tue, 07 June 2005

HI..From what I could read it's a wonderful, if not the best tutorial of it's kind. However was unable to read & see screenshot {In Photoshop}with setting & so fact was unable to read anything in the large combo... even after clicking on "print" some smaller pix with info but not the main pix..."Boo Hoo" as I really want to see & read the large pix.... Thanks for share..Coin

SweetOne  12:48AM Wed, 08 September 2004

This has been the MOST helpful tutorial I have found, and I have tried MANY!!! lol Thanks so much for your work putting it together to help us other lowly cloth painters!!

ByteDreams  1:50PM Sat, 26 June 2004

Very helpful. Thanks

calum5  12:39PM Mon, 10 May 2004

This is the best in cloth painting that Ive found!Thanks so much Miko0!Your one kind cool genius of a dude!:-)As for the hug,I'll hug SeaC and she can pass it on!lol!:-)

SeaCrystal  7:09AM Thu, 22 April 2004

Without a doubt your tutorial has been the major turn in my postwork of painted cloth!! I thank you for sharing your knowledge and know how! I always learn something from every tutorial I try, and I wanted to say thank you for a very valuable gift!! You made a difference in my artwork!! *Big Hugs* -SeaC- :)