Getting Started with Dynamic Cloth Props

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The sole purpose of this tutorial is to introduce you to the world of Poser 5 dynamic cloth props, and to the daunting, Poser 5 Cloth Room.I enjoyed preparing this, because I know the bitch of a time I had learning this the hard way. I truly wanted to save others the grief, hair pulling and gnashing of teeth that normally accompany first attempts to use this room.I also know if you follow the instructions to the letter, you will have a most satisfying and rewarding

Jusletgo on 6:05AM Thu, 18 March 2004



The sole purpose of this tutorial is to introduce you to the world of dynamic cloth props, and the infamous, and seemingly complex and daunting, Poser 5 Cloth Room. For many, this room is very intimidating, and a very frustrating one to attempt to use. However, once you understand the principles upon which the room is designed, you will say, Aaah-haaah, and begin to take command of, and to truly enjoy, a very powerful and elegant feature of Poser 5.

This little tutorial is not intended to give you a comprehensive look at the capabilities of the room, but only a functioning overview of how it works, so you will then be free to play with it on your own. It also presumes you are reasonably comfortable working in the Pose Room already, and have at least familiarized yourself with the terms and layout of both the Poser 5 Animation Controls Panel and the Cloth Room. If you follow the text carefully, you wont need pictures.

OK. Lets get started.

Tutorial Comments

Barbara1337  10:42AM Tue, 07 June 2011

Thank you. I had no idea what I was doing til I read this. Much appreciated.

celticfire  4:09AM Mon, 01 February 2010

Can someone point me to a tutorial for Daz users on how to create your own clothes?

Professorblues  1:40AM Sun, 02 March 2008

*The lightbulb illuminates* Thank you. A friend did some custom props to modem a superheroine character, and I was bugging him as to why her dress didn't 'fit'. Now it does... like a glove!!

hindudreams  11:01PM Fri, 11 January 2008

anyway to download the whole tutorial at once?

pops  10:03PM Mon, 06 August 2007

Great tutorial-thanks

Jusletgo  11:00AM Fri, 20 January 2006

montyoum-- Have a couple intuitive thoughts for you. First, the varied complexity of what people attempt relative to the firepower of their puter is spectral. Know that the speed in processing various "between" or "tween" frames varies, due to the relative complexity of a specific cloth rendering. Also be careful to properly identify collision with avatar and object and ground settings. Many times you may be colliding with an object that makes legitimate rendering impossible. Most of the time when a legitimately setup fails, it is due to the firepower of your puter encountering a particular frame just too complex for it to manage. Finally, unless u know u have crashed, be patient. Processing times from frame to frame can vary dramatically, based upon the complexity of the particular frame. Without a knowledge of the complexity of your scenario, this is the best poop I can offer you. Good luck. Jusletgo.

montyoum  6:55PM Mon, 16 January 2006

It might just be me, but for some reason a lot of my simulations are stopping far before they last frame. I.E. I would put a skirt on a figure set to move for 30 frames and it would only go to say 8 or 9 depending on what type of animation it is. I've been trying to fix this for 3 days. And what really bugs me is that I COULD get it to work originally, and now it won't. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

sittingblue  1:27AM Fri, 16 December 2005

This is a very valuable tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

Whimsical  7:25AM Thu, 31 March 2005

Found this tute the other day and would like to say thank you.. has been so helpful!

gillbrooks  5:34PM Mon, 03 January 2005

Thanks very much - I needed that :-)

Neuch3D  9:36AM Sun, 02 January 2005

Excellent tutorial. Thank's a lot to share your experience and for your editing work.

gurb464  11:58PM Fri, 22 October 2004

Now that was really helpfull. Even a newbie like me ( obtained poser 5 less than a week ago ) could follow this tutorial; I think that says a lot. The whole process took me about 6 or 7 minutes with a 2.17Ghz processor and 2 Gb RAM, but I used different poses and prop, so that probably explains the speed; did everything else exactly according to the tutorial though. Anyway, it worked like a charm, thanks Gerard

elenorcoli  7:52PM Sun, 29 August 2004

yep very excellent tutorial, very exacting. gracia!

Inanen  6:19PM Thu, 26 August 2004

Justletgo, you provided an excellent tutorial for the dynamic cloth room. I hadn't known much about it till I had taken your tutorial. I have been playing around a lot with the Hair room, and was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a tutorial on that subject.

julialynn  1:33AM Sun, 08 August 2004

Thank you so much!!! When I first got poser (P5 is my first adventure with the program) I tried following a cloth room tutorial from somewhere or other. It got me results, but I didn't understand why or how. With this I did receive the ahh-haa moment as promised. :-D Benchmark: Mac G4 processor 1.25 GHz. Memory 768MB Okay, I didn't really time it, but it had to be under 5 minutes because I sat here and watched the entire process take place before my eyes.

jpockele  8:34PM Thu, 13 May 2004

Thanks a lot for this helpfull tutorial. It helped me a bunch. Complete simulation took my computer about an hour (P5, XP, AMD2500+ 192ram)

Holli  6:41AM Thu, 13 May 2004

This is so easy to follow. Even after some hours I could make great pictures. Thanks a lot !

Jusletgo  10:22PM Wed, 12 May 2004

Steve -- I have a follow up tutorial that answers your question. Since the illustrations are not suitable for publication here, please go directly to my website for the download at: You want to download the file: 0005 Rendering Groups with Dynamic Cloth Props PDF An btw, thanks for your comments. =)) Enjoy.

steve_g  7:26PM Fri, 07 May 2004

Great Intro!! I like the details ... they are more important to me than a lot of screen shots. Calculate Simulation: 29 minutes - XP, P5, Celeron 2.2 GHz, 756 MB RAM, Integrated Intel 3D AGP graphics. I'd love a follow up ... wondering how to have a hand grab the side of a dress and fan the cloth... like a Spanish dancer :) Again, great work, I learned a lot. Thanks!

PaulBohne  9:26AM Sun, 02 May 2004

Thanks for this Tutorial! It really helped learning! Benchmark? My PC sets out a white flag saying: "Go shopping meanwhile, I'll need some time!" Expected this with 256 MB Ram, Pentium III 450 Mhz. Think, I really have to go shopping - for a new engine!!!

Jusletgo  1:15PM Thu, 22 April 2004

Your welcome, Mercy. Thanks for your compliment. Glad it worked for you.

Mercytoo  11:50AM Thu, 22 April 2004

I'd just like to say thank you. This tut seemed a little difficult for me at first (That's what I get for trying to do it when I was tired, lol) But now I understand the cloth room a million times better. Thanks so much for the helpful tut!

edumanu  6:01PM Wed, 07 April 2004

Very goog tutorial, Im a beginner in poser and it made a nice effect just like a professional . NOW I CAN RULE THE WORLD AHAHAH. Thanks ! My bechmarks: notebook ASUS l3000D CPU 1800+ 192 MB SIS graphic card 64MB shared 45 min !!! My notebook it'was almost melting !eheh !!!

Jusletgo  3:53PM Mon, 29 March 2004

If you would do me and others a favor, please. At the end of the tutorial are benchmark stats for processing times on my own puter. Would you mind submitting a parallel set of data that benchmarks those time for your own puter? Thanks.

Jusletgo  3:50PM Mon, 29 March 2004

You're welcome, Grim. I wanted it to be a painless and flawless venture. Your comments assure me I am on the right track. Thank you.

Grimmley  12:57PM Mon, 29 March 2004

Excellent, taught me a lot I didn't know. Dynamic clothing was a mystery until I read this. Thanks!

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