Easy Mat File Creation with Mat Pose Edit 3

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No more painstaking .CR2 editing to get your mat file. Mat Pose Edit 3 helps you get the job done quicker, faster & better!

Mercytoo on 2:12AM Mon, 08 March 2004

Getting Started

What You Need:

*A Texture you've created on a UV Template
*Mat Pose Edit 3 (Free), Created by Ilari Pihlajisto. Available on his site.

What This Tutorial Assumes:

I'm assuming that you know how to create a texture for an object by using a UV Template and your paint program of choice. This tutorial will only show you how to save your texture as a Mat File for easy use in Poser. I will not show you how to create a JPG texture.

Who Can Benefit From This Tutorial?

Anyone who makes their own textures or anyone who has downloaded textures in JPG format and wants to make them simple to use one-click Mat files!

Materials I've used to build this tutorial:

*Daz's Fantasy Collar from their V3 Fantasy Collar set available here: http://secure.daz3d.com/PoserTemplates/access/ps_ac427-v3fancollarT.exe
*UV Template for the Collar also from Daz.
*A texture I created for the Collar.
*Poser 4 Pro Pack
*Mat Pose Edit 3 (See above for link)

Why Have I Written This Tutorial?

I have had several people who were kind enough to drop me a line letting me know that my previous tutorial for creating Mat files was helpful. However, I have also had a few people who have messaged me asking for help. I certainly do not mind helping people when I can, especially if they're stuck on a tutorial that I wrote. Also, at the time of writing the old tutorial, I did not know about Mat Pose Edit (MPE) and since finding this wonderful tool, I think it's something everyone who creates textures should have. It really makes the creation of Mat files go so much smoother and takes so much guess work out of having to hand edit a cr2 file.

I hope this tutorial will be useful! Now, let's move on to the first part!

Tutorial Comments

Kazam561  3:26PM Sat, 27 September 2008

Thank you very much!

heartrotica  10:23AM Fri, 26 October 2007

Thanks a lot for your easy to understand tutorial. But like belladaz1955 already wrote its a pity, but the links a dead ...:-(((

belladaz1955  3:10PM Mon, 01 October 2007

first time I have understood anything about MPE! only problem is the links are dead to the other tuts. Thanks, Sherry

Calystra  9:14PM Wed, 11 April 2007

Am I doing something wrong here? My image is not loading in MPE3 ... I'm using Poser 6 ... help :) thanks in advance

jidaho  9:46AM Wed, 13 December 2006

Great tutorial, thanks!

Charity  1:50PM Thu, 16 November 2006

Excellent tutorial, well explained and interesting, but pity that not this available one in link to create the file rsr. Thankssss

LadyEmmy  3:38PM Wed, 01 November 2006

This is perfect........but.....the links to making RSR-files and tutorial for zipping things tutorial.......are HTTP404 .......could I please get the links to them???? I finally understand the MPE...THANK YOU!!!!!! Grtz.Em

maeven  9:13AM Wed, 18 October 2006

You just made sense of a program, you made it so easy to understand. I only had to read it once and got it immediately lol. I couldn'nt figure it out for the life of me at first and uninstalled it time to go reinstall and try again. I am such a newbie to this lol I can't wait to go play now. Thnx so much Blessings Namaste

Skipychic  7:09AM Wed, 02 March 2005

Great tutorial for a great program.. well written Congrats :)