Creating atmospheres with Cinema 4D R8

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 1616

This tutorial describes a simple and fast method to create a complete procedural outdoor atmosphere - with a sun, clouds, haze and fog. All users of Cinema 4D R7 to R8.5 can use this method, no plugins or modules are necessary.

audity on 6:19PM Thu, 08 January 2004


This tutorial will explain how to create a simple outdoor atmosphere - sun, clouds, haze and fog - in Cinema 4D R 8.5 (users of Cinema 4D R7 to 8.2 can also follow this method).

To create this atmosphere we will use only the procedural shaders provided in Cinema 4D (falloff, backlight and 3D noises).

Our atmosphere will be a basic sunny day with a few cumulus clouds.

With minor modifications, this atmosphere could be transformed in all kinds of outdoor scenery: sunsets, "London fogs", rainy days, etc