Painting cloth in Photoshop [nudity]

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One way of cloth painting in photoshop7.

NocturnalRamble on 3:36PM Sun, 21 December 2003

Getting Started

Well okay here it is as good as it is gonna get I guess. Never written a tutorial before so bare with me. I read a tutorial on how to write a tutorial and well it really made no sense. If something is not understandable to you please feel free to send me a mail asking for a little um what one could say is oh clarification. Okay onto the story. Yes, story I think my way of painting is of a little crazy and maybe a simpler way but this is what I do. Oh and hay everyday I learn a new trick into painting. I think something that will always be a learning experience. Okay here we go

This is written and used for Photoshop7, but I imagine most paint programs shall work with a little adjusting of tools etc. I am also using a graphics tablet [wacom tablet].


Okay lets get our image out that we want to use to paint some clothes on. One also needs a good thought design of clothing too - can't wear the same thing all the time.

Okay I am going to be using my simply nutty I render my images no larger then 2000X2000. This image is 1800X1800 of mine. Lets open a new layer on this image. Set all layer to the default settings.

Now lets set our foreground color to a medium grey color 7B7B7B. Any color of grey, really doesn't matter - not to light though. Use a #9 hard round brush to draw the basic design of the outfit. I do not set my brushes palette for this outlining of the cloth.

Lets get drawing. Today we will be wearing a simple yet elegant short dress. Draw your outfit outline as close to the outline of the body, {saves on cleanup} as can be. Making sure all ends are connected. Lets use the paint bucket and fill in the center of the outfit.

Now we have a line that needs filling in. Take your smudge brush a soft 17 pixel mode set darken, on the brushes palette shape dynamics{pen pressure}and other dynamics{pen pressure} checked. Now lets go around the edge and fill it in. Okay next turn the opacity of the layer down to around 60%. Then using the same smudge brush, except the mode is normal. Now, zoom in some and clean up round the edges getting as close, but not too close, to the skin outline as possible. Set your smudge brush setting at about 95% for this. Now comes the fun stuff.

Tutorial Comments

3didy  11:07PM Fri, 05 October 2007

hi thn but whatbout after this ,xport in max? Becos youre doing this in photoshop how to put it up on the model please?

wazburg  9:40AM Sat, 16 June 2007

Very nice!

98NeonRT  7:36AM Wed, 02 November 2005

For the logest time I was sure that my renders were destined to be cold and questionable due to thier lack of clothing. After reading this I feel a new hope for all the naked bodies floating around in my computer!! HA! HA! Thanks for such a good tutorial!

Kacy  6:36AM Sat, 01 January 2005

Awesome tutorial! I'm just learning how to draw my own clothes and this was so much easier to follow than other tutorials I have found. I really like the end result that I got from this! :)

calum5  10:58AM Mon, 05 April 2004

Heather thats awesome luv,THANKS so much for this :-) byeeeeee calum

joannastar  7:18AM Sat, 31 January 2004

I just tried out this tutorial and it's great :) I never had the confidence to paint clothes before, but my results while not brilliant are recognizable as a dress :)

Andrew_C  7:07AM Thu, 08 January 2004

Very helpful. like shadow - walker says, logical and straight-forward. I now think I will have a bash at painting my own clothing. PS there's nufink wrong wif the grammer :)

Bonzodog  2:58PM Fri, 02 January 2004

This is the first tutorial on rendering I've seen, and I was very well impressed. Your English grammar, etc are a little dody but I understood what you meant. Great art!

prog  1:43AM Thu, 01 January 2004

Thank you so much for this!!!! I can't wait to try it!! Thanks for putting up with my constant nagging for you to do a tutorial!! This is a very clear and logical presentation!! If I can't produce something decent, it's my fault, not yours! LOL!! Excellent tutorial, and once again-THANK YOU!!-Dudley

shadow-walker  11:10AM Mon, 29 December 2003

Great tutorial, done logically and nice and straight forward to follow. the end result looks very realistic. well done.