Build your own Home

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A Guide on how to model your own Home.

Higrob24 on 10:26AM Wed, 26 November 2003

Building your Home: Photos

Some people have asked if I would write a brief tutorial on how I built my house. So here it is, I warn you its the only tutorial Ive ever written so it may not be very good.

!!!!First thing first, Every time you do something new make sure its on a different layer until you are 100% happy with it!!!!

The first thing I did in modelling my house was to take pictures of it, 1 from the front, 1 from the back and 1 from either side.

I then used these as back drops in light wave.

(Sorry as this tutorial was written some time after I created my model I dont have many pictures)

Tutorial Comments

zent29  7:50PM Sun, 03 April 2005

Great Job!

303dreams  11:33PM Sun, 11 January 2004

Good tutorial. great starting blocks for people not as experienced in modeling an object like a house. keep up the great work

Higrob24  2:04PM Mon, 01 December 2003

Thanks for your kind words

pearce  1:28PM Mon, 01 December 2003

Your textures look fine to me, and I think the work put into the individual roof-tiles was worth it, despite the extra polys. I might go that way when I do buildings in future. mick ;)