Creating Templates for Figures with Multiple Texture Maps

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This tutorial describes how to use UV Mapper Classic (free version) or UV Mapper Professional to create templates for models that have multiple texture maps. Also includes several images that show which materials appear on each texture map for all Poser 5 figures, as well as DAZ figures (Victoria 1, 2 and 3; Michael 1, 2 and 3; Millenium Kids; and Millenium Baby)

Deecey on 12:19PM Sat, 22 November 2003

Creating Templates for Models with Multiple Texture Maps

When a Poser model uses more than one texture, you see a real jumble when you initially open the model in UV Mapper or UV Mapper Pro. Here is an example, don't be alarmed. When you see UV mapping such as this, it usually means that the object uses multiple texture maps. Though these are certainly not the only Poser-compatible models that use multiple textures, these are the most common:

Poser 5 Male (Don)
Poser 5 Female (Judy)
Poser 5 Boy (Will)
Poser 5 Girl (Penny)
DAZ Victoria 1, 2 and 3
DAZ Michael 1, 2 and 3
DAZ Millennium Baby
DAZ Millennium Boy
DAZ Millennium Girl

You'll find that it is actually pretty easy to create templates for these models. All you need is UV Mapper Classic (available for free at ), or UV Mapper Professional (highly recommended, as the improvements in features are totally worth the registration fee!).

You should be able to make templates for any Poser character that requires multiple texture maps. The main thing that you must keep track of are which materials go on which texture map and the tables at the end of these instructions tell you which to use for the above-listed models.

The following instructions describe how you can create templates for Judy (the Poser 5 female). Though the screen shots and instructions are given while using UV Mapper Pro, you will see very similar results when you use the free version of UV Mapper.

Tutorial Comments

zap326  2:50AM Wed, 28 October 2009

Hey Deecey, thanks a lot for this! :) - Even in 2009 (years later!) this tute helps get a basic understanding of using UVMapper to make templates. In my case it was for making some for Nursoda's cute characters. - Before your tute I just couldn't 'get it' with how to use the free UVMapper Classic. So a big *HUG* from me! :D --- Incidentally, if anyone needs to keep a copy of Deecey's tute, use the 'printer friendly' option link at the top of the page ( ) and you'll get a single page that's easy to save off and read at a glance.

nikkis  2:51AM Wed, 14 October 2009

Do you know of a mac version for mat editing?

supergeek  6:50PM Mon, 05 March 2007

I have been trying for too long to figure this out. I swear I'm blowing you a kiss right now!

brycescaper  3:55PM Wed, 29 November 2006

Seraphim, check out Mercy Too's tutorial on Mat Pose Edit 3, a free program that does exactly what you want- create the MAT files from jpg textures/images. Between these two programs you'll be good to go!

4tops  5:14AM Wed, 26 July 2006

thanks for detail&kindfull tutorial~!

garyandcatherine  7:49PM Sun, 12 February 2006

Well written, easy to understand. Thanks so much for this tutorial. I just got UV Mapper Pro and your tutorial has been extremely helpful.

Seraphim_Studios  8:12PM Mon, 08 August 2005

brilliant, now i can make the templates, now if i could just find a tutorial on making the actual textures themselves id be set!

duke39  6:21AM Sun, 24 October 2004

Okay great!! Thank you very much!! Cheers, Roger

MysticMind  8:55AM Sat, 16 October 2004

You have to check the "Exclude Hidden Facets" option before you save the texture.

duke39  5:57AM Sat, 16 October 2004

Great tutorial!! unfortunately I read it quickly and now that I'm back to take a better look I see for some reason we can't click to "next" and can't see the rest of the tutorial, My question was....there was some special function we had to do after saving the maps seperately, to save without the maps actually saving all jumbled back together, could you repeat that step please? Thanks , Cheers, Roger

danamo  12:37PM Fri, 15 October 2004

I wanted to thank you for such a useful, well-written tutorial! I have been building fairly complex models in Wings3D and many of the tips you included here apply to mapping any 3D models, not just Poser figures. I also have Poser, so this comes in handy there too! Thanks, Danamo

Terrielee  8:53AM Tue, 23 March 2004

Wow! Such an excellent tutorial! Thank you for sharing! :)

miden1138  10:51AM Sat, 03 January 2004

Deecey, That was absolutely the best Poser/UVMapper template tutorial that I have read! Thank you so much for making it very clear, concise, and easy to follow. Mike

Deecey  9:13AM Tue, 09 December 2003

Though I can't tell you directly (I don't have a a Mac), I may be able to tell you where you can find it. Hopefully you have an equivalent shortcut keys command that will tell you the equivalent. In UV Mapper Classic, choose Help > Hotkeys, and look for "Hide Selected Faces" and "Show Selected Faces." If someone can locate the Mac shortcuts here, would you be so kind as to post a comment? Thanks in advance! Denise

yannick  5:07AM Tue, 09 December 2003

Thanks for the tutor. Could you give me the key for brackets [ and ] on MACIntosh ??

SnowSultan  12:15AM Mon, 24 November 2003

This is an excellent tutorial with very helpful reference images that will help anyone who has to mess with UV Mapping the Poser figures. :) Great job.

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