Smart Props

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This will take the user through importing 3DS and OBJ files and scaling them to fit a poser figure, then smart propping that object to the figure.

BlueBeard on 7:42AM Mon, 18 November 2002

Importing 3DS file

The first step is to open Poser and delete the default guy. We are going to use Vicki, but you can use any figure you want. With a blank window you will need to "IMPORT" our prop. I use 3DS format to transfer to Poser, so we will click on file, go down to import and scroll down to 3D Studio, as illustrated.

Tutorial Comments

mr.nerb  3:32PM Wed, 06 December 2006

Excellent tut, no more "stupid" props from now on eh! Finally cleared up my ignorance in parenting props to body parts with dragging & dropping in the heiarachy editor. Thanx BlueBeard :-)

ulysses30  3:51PM Sun, 02 March 2003

Very Helpfull indeed!! Many Thanx :)

Raypete  1:34PM Fri, 14 February 2003

For an absolute beginners that tutorial was right on the money most especially because the author doesn't assume prior knowledge but clearly outlines each step (and at one point notices an assumption and goes back to clarify). Great. I'm going to grab the files and try it again.

zorbo  1:05PM Fri, 14 February 2003

I just want to say: THANX !!! & GO ON LIKE THAT ;-)

L.W. Perkins  8:46AM Fri, 14 February 2003

Thanks so much for the smart prop tut--it was exactly what I was looking for. (I have been making stupid props;-) The only problem is every time I see Posette's coffee I want a cup!

bsteph2069  6:42PM Tue, 11 February 2003

Thanks for the tutorial. This is the clearest and most evident I've read. Thanks alot. Bsteph

mon1alpha  5:42AM Tue, 11 February 2003

Nice tutorial, easy to read and well presented :)

BlueBeard  6:13PM Mon, 10 February 2003

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that it 3DS Max did. What happens is that other program can and do use the 3DS format to translate to poser, and not all of these will include the material names.

Drai  12:40PM Mon, 10 February 2003

I have to disagree with Page 7's synopsis on material names importing into Poser, at least in the case of, from 3DS Max. If you name the material in the Material Editor of Max, it will transfer over to Poser as well during import. No criticism, just information. Great tutorial, very professional dialogue!