"Bridge/2" walk-through.

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Tips and techniques for effective lighting, haze and fog in Vue d'Esprit.

erka on 4:23PM Wed, 29 October 2003


One common method of lighting in Vue is to start with a preset atmosphere, then tweak it and add more lights if necessary. While this method can work in many situations, it can become confusing when you want precise control over each element, like haze, fog, and light.
I prefer to light my scenes starting from scratch, using an "everything off" atmosphere, then turn on and fine-tune each element separately.

This tutorial goes through the making of my image "Bridge/2", focusing on lighting. There are not too many objects in the scene, so i tried to create a strong impact by using a steep camera angle and high-contrast lighting.

Tutorial Comments

madmaxh  2:31AM Fri, 01 June 2007

Excellent tut. I can't wait to apply some of these techniques.

sittingblue  11:40AM Tue, 15 November 2005

I feel like an inspired pupil. ;)

exire  10:10AM Tue, 29 June 2004

Tried ure ways of lightning in 2 other pictures of myself :) it looks pretty cool (1 picture greatly like ures hehe) if u want to see them, my email = exire_elite@hotmail.com

Briggie  2:55AM Sun, 22 February 2004

I finally got the chance to try out this tut, and I have to say EXCELLENT! I am pretty new to Vue and although I understand the basics, the lighting aspect, another story. Manual doesn't give the break down that you did here. This is a perfect tut for any Vue newbie. Thanks so much for doing this! Look forward to your next tut. :D

MRIguy  12:06PM Sun, 28 December 2003

Very good. I can see where some of your "tips" have application in other programs. Kudos!

KoolKam  1:13PM Thu, 25 December 2003

Fantastic, one of the best lighting tutorials I have seen yet that was simple and covered a lot of bases :) Thank you :) Peace and Creativity Chris

A_  11:01AM Tue, 23 December 2003

This is a very useful and helping toturial. Thanks for taking the time to write it down! :)

dlfurman  5:58PM Mon, 22 December 2003

That was a very good tutorial. Very cool tips. Awesome photo-real image.

inok  3:45AM Tue, 02 December 2003

The only thing I'd change in this tutorial is the sky. Looks not very amazing after Terragen... The image in the whole is AWESOME, anyway!

cermit  2:52PM Mon, 17 November 2003

Thanks for sharing..Great tutorial :)

nish  11:25PM Sun, 16 November 2003

Thanks for the tutorial. One of the best ones I've read so far.

thomaskrahn  2:29PM Sat, 15 November 2003

I must admit that I (often) belong to the group of starting with an atmosphere and then tweaking it :) Great tutorial and easy to understand. I'm with Polax : Thanks for sharing!

Polax  7:17AM Fri, 14 November 2003

It is a most interesting tutorial thanks for taking time to share!