The Making of Curaya

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 1000

A sort of Humidity Jungle v.2, which allows you to create a much larger variety of jungle imagery.

thomaskrahn on 10:21AM Wed, 20 August 2003

What can be achieved

As I wrote before, this is pretty much a v.2 of my previous tutorial about jungles, Humidity Jungle, except this one offers you much larger possibilities to create whatever kind of jungle you desire.
Again, this The Making isnt the way it should be done. Its the way I do it, and it can be done :)

Tutorial Comments

Turtle  12:37PM Sun, 16 March 2008

Lots of information, well written and Thank You!

attileus  2:38PM Sat, 25 March 2006

Thanks for the tut; I've sucesfully completed one of your jungle tuts - thanks for sharing! Ps. Unfortunately I can't download that great papaya tree; the guy took it away from the download section...grrr.

tvjwbailey  4:14PM Thu, 01 September 2005

Thanks for posting this tutorial, I'm ponderring buying vue 5. This and the others here really are a help me making my decision. I think I'm gonna dive into this program! Thanks, -John

lesley1955  8:56AM Sat, 01 January 2005

thank you for an excellent and easy to follow tutorial, i will let you know how i get on. thanks once again.

svdl  4:28PM Wed, 15 September 2004

Amen to your remark on the lights! Wallis Eck doesn't have free downloads anymore, he's gone commercial. Wonderful image by the way.

Thildemar  5:13PM Mon, 24 May 2004

Great job...will begin work on a jungle sometime this week...the only thing you could add is some more instruction with the actual land. The texture you used on the ground that is visable is great and it would be nice to know what you used for it. You could probably even help us all out more with a vue texturing tutorial as there seems to be lack of good ones.

Calseeor  10:09AM Wed, 04 February 2004

beautiful walk through. I learned a lot here, and will need to look into using alpha planes (never used them before0. Thank you for posting this. --Eryk

graphics4you  10:28AM Wed, 21 January 2004

Newbie here. I have some questions. 1. You mention these free downloads but they are not for VUE. They are for FrogX and Cinima4d do you need this software to download and use these plants in VUE? 2. Also how do you make fog and mist in VUE? 3. I would like to know all the software needed to make a scene before I start. That way I will know if I can achieve simular effects. I think it would be helpful to start your tutorials with software needed section. YOUR IMAGE LOOKS GREAT!

loswl_  9:05AM Thu, 23 October 2003

"Knowledge is Power" Thanks!

Polax  3:18PM Mon, 20 October 2003

Thanks for sharing your talent.

MartinKentos  5:08PM Sun, 07 September 2003

Thanks for tutorials, this and all of them.

Belgareth  11:42AM Wed, 27 August 2003

Another Excellent Tutorial Thomas. Your willingness to help others learn is admirable. Thank you :¬)

erka  6:10PM Mon, 25 August 2003

Loved the picture, love your tutorial :) Allways something to learn!

cermit  12:48PM Sun, 24 August 2003

As usual you are making fantastic job..Very usefull tut..Thanks

nish  1:22PM Sat, 23 August 2003

Shoot! that was easy!!! But not until you showed the way! :-) Thanks Thomas, for the great tutorial!

BillyGoat  5:41PM Fri, 22 August 2003

You gave me some great tips! I've learned a lot from you - thank you!

zxcvb  1:07PM Fri, 22 August 2003

Thanks thomas , your tuts are allway very informative , hope you make many more:-)

pixpax  11:45AM Fri, 22 August 2003

Herligt! Jeg fik lavet en scene af en skov, som faktisk for en gangs skyld minder om en skov! Bliv ved at skrive tuts - du gør det glimrende!!!! (Short translation:Great tut - keep'em coming!) :-)

deevee  9:09AM Fri, 22 August 2003

Well done Thomas. Very informative!