Poser - Photoshop swerve effect - Nudity

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Create images like this. Using Photoshop and Flaming Pear Swerve effect.

cingram on 9:23PM Sat, 16 August 2003

Intro and Poser

If you do not own Flaming Pear Swerve plug-in you can download a demo version from the following site: Flaming Pear Swerve

Also, in Poser, there are different ways for making images like the one featured in this tutorial. One is to render and save your Poser figure using an Alpha channel. However, the one I prefer, and the method that I feature in this tutorial, is to begin by rendering your Poser Image on a black background.

In Poser

Pose your figure in Poser over a black background, render and save.

Tutorial Comments

Trudy  9:37AM Mon, 18 August 2003

Thanks so much for the tutorial, and great job explaining it. Trudy