How to model a Head in XSI.

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I hope this tutorial will help some of you.Im not saying this is the best way of doing it, its just my way.

hypronost on 2:37PM Mon, 14 July 2003


Hey chars,
Here the tutorial I promised.
Things you will need for this tut:
-The 3d software package of choice.
-A front and side reference photo of the kind of character you want to create.
-Some free time.

The software Ill use is Softimage XSI and the tools I will use are:
add edge, movePoint, dragnet, bevel and mayby something Im forgetting .
I will be modelling a middle aged Asian female head.
And Im using the two reference photos above,
to put them in my front and right side viewport.
Now, its important to know that we wont be modelling the exact same
character as the reference, I personally think the woman on the
reference has to little character.
We will only use these photos for the basic realistic shape of an Asian female Head.
You can also find these photos and others at .
This is the first time I model an Asian person so please bear with me.
Tip: always put your reference photos in greyscale when its just for modelling.