Boolean Union with Surfaces

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One Command, Four ResultsThis tutorial will show you how and why the "boolean Union" can work using surfaces and how you can predict your results

Spike on 3:31PM Wed, 13 November 2002

The basics:

Above it the objects we will be making.

All buttons used in this tutorial will be listed in quotes "Like this".
All menu items used in this tutorial will be listed as follows, If I wanted you to do a save, I would show it as follows, "File>Save".
At the bottom of the screen there are 4 boxes, Snap, Ortho, Planar and Osnap. Remember where they are as we will use the often.
Remember to use the zoom in and out "CTRL + Right mouse Drag up or down" and the drag view "Shift + Right mouse Drag to move". These tools will save you tons of time.
If you double click on the view title it will go to full screen. I use this often.
We will always work in the view pictured unless stated.
Ok Lets get started.

Tutorial Comments

AEDesign  10:50AM Fri, 31 August 2007

great tut, Thanks! Can anyone tell me if its possible to get the glossy rendered effect in Rhino, or does it have to be Flamingo/mentalRay/vray et al? Setting up the materials and scene for product render. thanks