double lake scene

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this tutorial will show you how to create a realistic image.. with two lakes and great reflections..

CursedBeauty on 2:53AM Sat, 05 July 2003

Lake Scene

here you will create a wonderful lake scene with great reflections.
and realistic view hope you enjoy this tute...

Tutorial Comments

Silkie  2:36PM Mon, 09 February 2009

I"m loving this tutorial. This is my very first render in Vue and your tut is very helpful. I do have a couple of questions though... When you said you used your own ground texture, would you be willing to provide a link so that we can also use that texture? Also I can't seem to find the same terrain that you used to get the two hills in the background. Which terrain did you use in this render? Thanks so much for a job well done. Kelly

Raindroptheelf  6:30AM Mon, 22 January 2007

Wow, now that is one great tutorial, thank you so much for writing it for us. I had no problem and learned very much by following your Tutorial. whoohooo Thank YOU

Xed  11:13PM Sat, 23 September 2006

Man, this tutorial was really nice! I consider myself to be an expert in 3d (4 years of Maya Experince) I am a Vue novice (only been usin it for about 8 hours and I made a bad ass scene) Thanks man, and I really appreaciate your time making this tutorial. Thanks! -Xed

madon3d  3:58PM Tue, 06 December 2005

Hmmmm Im sat here wondering why people actually write tutorials for 'beginners' but miss important things out liek how to add the ground texture ?? Whilst I appreciate the fac that this guy wrote it in the first place, it would be nice if people thought about the 'end user' of tutorials and go into some detials when they talk about a partcular procedure etc. Didnt help me in the slightest really, sorry :(

kya_  7:55PM Sun, 16 January 2005

I've only just started with Vue and needless to say - my image looks nothing like yours - nowhere near as good! But, this tutorial has taught me a lot and I'm actually quite pleased with the result. It was easy to follow, and I enjoyed learning from it - thanks!

snoopy88  2:35PM Thu, 11 September 2003

Your tut helped me lot.Now i understand how to create a really good landscape. But if you really want to help see my image ''Braun in the room''and teach me

pixpax  2:03PM Wed, 27 August 2003

Thank you, I really enjoyed this one. I have been using Vue for 8 months and I think this is the first tut I went through without getting into troubles :-) So - you made my day!

Hilt  1:48AM Thu, 24 July 2003

pretty hard to read;) thanks for the tut, helped me out some -Hilt

darkLove  12:23PM Sun, 06 July 2003

i think you tutorial helped me alot i thought it was going to much harder than i thought cause when i seen that image i said to myself this looks real good but hard but its not so bad thanks for making this tute for lakes it really helps thanks alot onece again..Rose