How to create & save a Mat file for easy to use textures!

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A step by step tutorial explaining how to create & save mat files for ease of use in Poser. I also explain how to easily zip these files so they will automatically extract to the proper folders in the Poser directory.

Mercytoo on 6:57PM Sat, 28 June 2003

How to Make a Mat file for Poser!

So, you've created a texture for a Poser figure, and you'd like to save it as a Mat file so you can easily access it and apply it to a figure with the click of your mouse, eh?

I was lucky enough to get help from Nightwind to learn how to do this, and decided to write up a little tutorial so you can learn how to do this too! It's not that hard, and once you've done it, you can repeat it very easily.

In this tutorial, I'll walk you through the steps of saving your texture as a mat for easy use in .pz2 format. We'll not only save the Mat, but we'll create a poser thumbnail in .rsr format so we can see the mat before we apply it. I'll also show you how to save your files in an easy to extract zip file, so that if you're going to share your creations, they will extract to the proper location! This makes it easy for people who are new to poser to install your files.

I use Poser 4, and I'm not sure if saving textures is the same in 5 or not.

Tutorial Comments

AngelWeb58  10:49AM Fri, 24 September 2010

Oh My! I feel stupid, Am totally lost I know is basic but somehow it comes wrong I had created a beautiful character for V4 and am ready to zip them to send to Renderosity. but can't seen to do it right I have poser7 and I just got a new computer with windows7 is making me crazy

aliwonder  10:09AM Sat, 03 June 2006

Thank you very much for the tutorial. I found it very easy to follow. I had to reread the part about the CR2 files, but the instructions were all there. This is a great help for creating my own clothing.

Skipychic  1:39AM Thu, 07 April 2005

Ok, I figured it out.. if I clicked onto page 2 It took me to the Mat file thingy, but if I clicked on next it took me to the right page. *wierd*

Skipychic  1:35AM Thu, 07 April 2005

Ok, colour me stupid, but Im trying to do the "Making an RSR File" tutorial and it seems to be only half done. I get to the creating a pct file at 91 x 91 and then the next page is something completely different. *shrug* Im still lost.

Mercytoo  2:35PM Thu, 04 December 2003

No, you're not really stupid! You might be using a different version of Poser or something. I'm going to try to IM you to help you out :)

Princezz  5:16AM Thu, 04 December 2003

Hi I feel real stupid now... cause I can see that this tutorial has worked for some, but I just can't seem to get it right :( When I open my CRZ file in notepad, there is no such text as you decribe in your tutorial ? Am I really stupd ? :o)

shadow-walker  11:53AM Tue, 18 November 2003

Great tutorial, ive been looking through the freestuff for goodies. and have thought that i would rather use a different texture myself on some of them. with this tutorial i can not only change and then save them i would be able to upload the textures for other users of the object. thanks i would never have worked out the sequense for doing that without spending ages at it. ;o)

Diabloz  8:41PM Mon, 22 September 2003

Thanks for this useful tutorial. It was just the one I was looking for :)

Gothic-Ice  9:29AM Fri, 08 August 2003

Haaalalyaaaa I have seen the light :P Ty's a buntch man really helped out. (Saved the toturial on my pc incase i need it again ;) )

Mercytoo  11:49AM Wed, 09 July 2003

You're welcome, begga. I'm glad this tutorial has helped you. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

begga  6:50PM Sat, 05 July 2003

I just want to say, thank you, this is a big help for people who want to start doing their own textures and sell them or put in free stuff. Just what I was looking for :