WorldBuilder-3DS Max communication tutorial

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The Max communicator of WorldBuilder is a great way to integrate the best of the 2 software packages in 1 render.The main advantage of this is that we can use the flexible material editor of Max in combination withthe landscape capabilities of WorldBuilder. There is of course the possibility of importing 3DS models in WorldBuilder, but that means we have to convert every single part of the imported Max materials to WorldBuilder materials and adjusting the phong photometry of every part separatly.This can be done with simple models, but for more complex models the Max communicator is the bestsolution.I made a greenhouse model in Max for this scene which we will use to make the following setting:- A camera will be inside the greenhouse and have a view of the plants inside and the landscape outside. - We will use small landscapes for the flowerbeds in the greenhouse.- We will create shadows and reflections of both WorldBuilder and Max objects in the scene.

Alfons on 9:11AM Sat, 07 June 2003

WorldBuilder-3DS Max communication 1

1-Download the WB and Max project files from the free stuff or from the WorldBuilder database.

2-Load both GreenhouseStart.awb and WBMaxStart.max.

3-Goto WorldBuilder and add a "Max Communication Object" by clicking the icon on the left toolbar.

4-Goto Max and click "Rendering > Environment"

5-Click "Add" under Atmosphere to add the AWB Max communicator in Max.

6-Under AWB Communicator click "Connected" to connect both packages and click "Fit units" and "Fit frames" so frames and units are the same in both packages.

IMPORTANT!!! Build your Max models in meters or convert the Max model to meters so the scale will
match in the WorldBuilder scene.