How to use WorldBuilder materials

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WorldBuilder has a lot of possibilities with the use of materials, we will use a volcano scene to illustrate this and do the following with materials in this tutorial:-How to add a material-Using compound materials-How to add a texture and bumping-Using phong photometry-Using placing conditions-Using materials in an area-Using a fractilizer

Alfons on 7:31AM Sat, 07 June 2003

WorldBuilder materials

1-Download the tutorial files from the free stuff or the WorldBuilder database.
The files are saved in WorldBuilder 3.2, so users who don't have 3.5 can use them too.

2-Load MaterialStart.awb.

3-Open the library with procedural textures by rightclicking in the library window or from the toolbar. (Or load it from the main menu)

4-Drag and drop "Grass&Sand 5" in "Area 1 (full)" of the object tree, or "Area 1 (full) in the property page or in the topviewport.