Using The DAZ Studio Shield Shader

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 730 / System Requirements: DAZ Studio 3+

This is intended to fill that "Well, how do I use the damn thing!" void that a few of you must have felt after downloading my DAZ Studio Shader For S.E.Asian Shields ( ) at the start of the year. Yes, I've only just discovered that I'd forgotten to include any advice in the ReadMe about how to actually use the shield shader! Hopefully this 16 page guide (mostly screenshots) should remedy the situation. Note: the advice here is just for using the ShieldTMS(Full) shield shader via the Surfaces tab of the DAZ Studio User Interface. It does not cover the generic DMS(Full)/TMS(Full) shaders, and it does not cover using ShaderMixer. I was thinking about doing separate guides for those but never got round to it.

3dcheapskate on 11:43PM Wed, 04 September 2013

What's this all about?

This guide is intended to help any DAZ Studio user who's downloaded my S.E.Asian shields freebies to use the DAZ Studio Shield Shader that I did for them. Here are the links to the original DAZ Studio Shield Shader download: Renderosity: ShareCG: This guide was written using DAZ Studio Advanced with the 'Nouveau' interface style and '2nd Level' interface layout (both accessible from the main 'View' menu). If you're using a different version of DS3, or a different interface style/layout what you see probably won't match my screenshots but you should be able to figure things out – the procedure is the same. For DAZ Studio 4 users - you should be able to follow the same steps too. The basic steps I'll cover are: 1) Start by loading your shield 2) Apply the shader 3) Change the pattern on the shield 4) Change the shield paint colour 5) Change the pattern colour 6) Change the colour of the studs 7) Save your new material 8) Apply your new material to any of the S.E.Asian shields Now for the pictures and a few more words...

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You're welcome (I've only just realized that people can post comments on these things!  :oS )

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Cool Nice to have help with this thanks Amdroid