Make Poser dynamic dress using Blender

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 1003 / System Requirements: Poser and Blender (recent versions)

This tutorial shows how to get a model from Poser into Blender. Create a simple dress in Blender and get it back into Poser as a dynamic dress. (My first tutorial. Lemme knowwhat I might have forgotten)

SailorJPS on 10:26AM Sun, 15 April 2012

Load and zero your figure to model

Load your figure. I'll use G2 Sydney.It's a good idea to zero your figure.

Tutorial Comments

LampreyShade  10:53PM Fri, 09 May 2014

I'm trying to figure out why I can't make my Wings 3D props dynamic. I feel like there's some "magic ingredient" I'm missing. Some of my models don't collide, and others don't fold. It's kind of weird, IMHO.

Sailor123  10:09PM Sat, 25 August 2012

Look for Poser cloth room tutorials. You tube or Google should get you started.

bluemagic987  8:25PM Thu, 23 August 2012

i am very much enthusiastic about this poser 9 software i have . my main problem is i dont know how to make my clothing or hair or even anything to that nature dynamic with my bodies. please someone HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SailorJPS  12:39PM Fri, 29 June 2012

Seems as if a couple pages are not here. After page 8 you just export it as an obj file. Import it into Poser and be sure to uncheck all the Poser options. At that point it is a dynamic dress

PREECHER  12:01PM Wed, 27 June 2012

i don't see the next page but this looks like a good i think you should show exporting the dress from blender and back into it an obj? and i don't see where you explain how it becomes dynamic, although i know, when it is exported back to poser. thank you for sharing this... chills and thrills