Full body morphs for Poser using Zbrush.

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This tutorial will guide you step by step by successfully achieve full body morphs in Poser.

royuriel on 4:37PM Thu, 29 May 2003

Exporting body parts 1

1.Export body parts from Poser as OBJ

Tutorial Comments

CARB0N  11:03PM Tue, 20 March 2007

dumb question: how do i export spawned morph targets? thanks

Flog  2:55PM Mon, 28 July 2003

http://www.renderosity.com/messages.ez?ForumID=12356&Form.ShowMessage=1356922 Great tutorial, but when I follow it the morph does something like in the picture, and I did use the zscript, flip normals and still this problem. Any ideas would help, thanks for the tutorial.

Flog  2:44PM Mon, 28 July 2003

It almost looked too good to be true, I tried it and well something is wrong. I use the flip and it doesn't have the right vertices, or I don't use the flip script and the body part is totally distorted, so I'm not understanding. Any help would be nice

peterthesing  11:54AM Mon, 28 July 2003

ok where do i put the script?????

marcfx  12:57PM Mon, 07 July 2003

Nice one Roy, thanks for your help. :)

marcfx  12:56PM Mon, 07 July 2003

Nice one Ray, thanks for your help. :)