Basic Plumbing Modeling Tutorial

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A beginner's simple nine-step guide to the basic modeling tools needed for your plumbing and pipe modeling requirements for LightWave 3D

Moebius87 on 3:02AM Mon, 26 May 2003


At the end of this mini-tutorial, you should have a good grasp of all the basic tools in LightWave 3D to deal with all sorts of pipes and plumbing.

Have fun plumbing.

Tutorial Comments

lionclaws  2:40AM Mon, 03 November 2008

Excellent tutorial.I am still learning...every little tip helps.

lionclaws  2:38AM Mon, 03 November 2008

Excellent!, direct to the point with no BS explanations.Thanks a ton!

charlestwoods  9:01PM Mon, 05 January 2004

Never knew about the RMB to set the center pivot for the lathe tool...thanks Moebius!

aussie-3d  12:51AM Wed, 15 October 2003

This has been a great Tutorial and I thank you very much. Ta..