One way to put a planet/moon in the sky

Skill Level: Intermediate / Views: 935 / System Requirements: Carrara

This is a tutorial designed to show you one possible way to make a "splat" that can be hung in the sky for moons or planets.

Kixum on 9:04PM Wed, 22 September 2010

Part 2, Step 2, Hanging the moon in the sky (Make the "Splat")

1.)  Insert just a standard plane primitive.

2.)  Go to the texture room and apply the texture that I've shown.  For those out there who don't know, I've doctored this image to show you more than you can actually view in Carrara (I just combined some of the menu views into one image).  So, don't get frustrated if you can't reproduce this view (because I cooked it).

There are some very important points to note about this texture.

A.)  It's a flat mapped texture.  I'm just projecting this texture onto this plane (very brutish but VERY effective).
B.)  I've selected the "No Light Interactions When Fully Transparent" option.
C.)  I set the transparency to 100%.
D.)  The color is set to none.
E.)  I turned off the highlight (even though it makes no difference becuase of my choice in B).
F.)  And, I put the image that we rendered in the first part into the glow channel.

I also setup the glow channel with a mixer so that I can mix my moon/planet image with a glow of value zero just to give me a control knob on how bright I want this thing to be.

Tutorial Comments

t-techniker  10:10AM Sat, 15 June 2013

very nice done. I read it, I understand everything. Well represented.

Euxeb007  12:21AM Mon, 20 February 2012

That's what I call a good tutorial ;o)

ptsulli  3:00PM Thu, 06 January 2011

Kixum; great tut, I'm going to have to try some variations, but an altogether straight forward presentation. Thanks

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