Creating Threads for a bolt

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 522 / System Requirements: Carrara

This is a tutorial which will show you how to make threads which can be used for a bolt or nut.

Kixum on 10:10AM Sat, 04 September 2010


This tutorial is designed to help you make a single spline object which can be used as threads for a nut or a bolt (or screw).

Credit goes to the Renderosity member peabody who originally contributed a similar tutorial on the Carrara/Raydream CD.

Tutorial Comments

mantagruelle  4:48AM Thu, 13 October 2011

Super ! Very easy and very "intuitiv" way to make spirals. Thank you for that ! Très facile à comprendre et une façon très intuitive de réaliser des spirales. Merci

intro  9:36AM Wed, 01 December 2010

Thanks Kixum! The whole "Length zero" thing threw me at first. DOH!)

Michael_C  10:01AM Thu, 09 September 2010

Thanks. I started with a triangle instead of a diamond and got good results. Fiddling with the "distance to axis" (the correct value isn't intuitive) gave me what I wanted.

raven  9:04AM Sun, 05 September 2010

Cool tutorial, easy to follow. The only thing that threw me was dragging the poly in step 6, I was still in Draw Poly mode and kept drawing another poly, once I selected the move tool I was off and running. Cheers! :)

MarkBremmer  12:11PM Sat, 04 September 2010

Good one!