3D Images from any photo or image!!

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 761 / System Requirements: Paint dot net and anaglyph plug in, pair of 3D glasses (red - green)

I found a way to make any image into a 3D anaglyph image, this is fairly simple and done on Paint dot net. You will need to go dig out Your old 3D glassed (red-green) to see any of these.

justanother1 on 12:42AM Thu, 24 December 2009

How much fun is this ?

After seeing Avatar in 3D over the weekend, twice!, I was totaly on a 3D kick. So I started Google-ing around. I found several freeware one-ofs that can add basic depth, but then lo and behold, there's a Paint dot net plug-in woo hoo!! You can www.getpaint.net  for your puter and then you'll also need to go here http://anaglyph.netne.net and get the plug-in then we'll move on.( my guess is that there probobly is a similar plug-in for Photoshop but I don't have so I don't know.)

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justanother1  4:08PM Tue, 14 June 2011

[url=http://up2dat3d.forumotion.com/[img width=756 height=185]http://up2dat3d.forumotion.com/[img width=756 height=185]http://i27.servimg.com/u/f27/16/57/78/23/banner10.jpg[/img][/url]

justanother1  4:48AM Thu, 30 September 2010

yea I also looked at tridef ... but I found avisynth has a 2d to 3d conversion as well, and its open source.!!!

bucee  7:22PM Mon, 18 January 2010

Lovely, been messing with 3d for quite a while. Nice work. Wanna enjoy any DVD in 3d, TRI DEF DDD's got a good software, affordable that will convert any DVD in 3d. To view on big screen tv's, the set has to have 3d input for the shutter glasses, upwards refresh of 120hz and software installed on he pc. Get that immersive experience in all your Dvd's. Also check out Edimensional.

justanother1  11:09PM Fri, 15 January 2010

I have done lost my mind... I have been playing Trackmania for the last week and I'm totaly addicted!! I especially like painting my custom cars I've downloaded from the Carpark and I'm getting some fantastic results using some brushes (alpha's) I've made with Paint.net so their maybe another tutorial comeing, but not yet, I wanna go play some more......he he

justanother1  12:14PM Thu, 07 January 2010

HUGE UPDATE !!! I'm gonna use this comments as a blog for now. While researching 3D graphics I found some (other than art) way cool stuff!! check this out http://www.iz3d.com/driver will let you play a bunch of games you probably have in 3D. and http://www.trackmania.com/ this game has it built in and their both FREE!!!!

garyandcatherine  1:17AM Mon, 28 December 2009

Dang, now that is some good 3d work even though its not 3d. Very impressive results and great tut. Thx for the contribution