Renderosity e-mail account setup tutorial (MAC/PC)

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This Tutorial will help you configure your e-mail application to be able to access your new Renderosity e-mail account.

Store Staff on 3:01PM Sun, 11 May 2003

Setting up your Renderosity e-mail account

This tutorial will guide you in setting up your e-mail application in order to be able to access your Renderosity e-mail account.

Important Note:

Your e-mail address is the same as your username, for instance if your username is "saphfire", then your e-mail address will be "".

However, if your username contains a space (for example: "saph fire") then this space will be replaced by an underscore in your e-mail address (ie: ""). If you omit to replace the space by an underscore in your settings, you will not be able to send or receive mail.

Simply select the application you use and follow instructions:
- Outlook Express for PC, go to page 2
- Mail for Mac OS X, go to page 3
- Outlook Express for Mac, go to page 4
- Netscape 6.x (for Mac or PC), go to page 5

If you need only the server names and information in order to configure your application yourself, go to page 6

Tutorial Comments

LaurieA  2:24PM Tue, 30 June 2009

BTW, I've tried setting the site email up in both Windows Mail AND Thunderbird and I get no joy from either.

LaurieA  2:13PM Tue, 30 June 2009

I get the same as mamabobijo. It won't accept my password :(.

mamabobbijo  6:57AM Thu, 22 November 2007

I have followed the above steps and get a box that says my server doesn't accept my password. Is there something I missed?