ShadowRose's 'Wet Look' Tutorial

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In order to achieve a believably wet scene, one must master the 'wet look' for his or her completed image. This tutorial touches on the techniques associated with such a task.

ShadowRose on 3:49PM Sat, 10 May 2003


Welcome to the 'Wet Look' Tutorial!

The 'Wet Look' tutorial underlines the procedures in order to make a water seen look realistic. We're going to take the image above and submerge her in water, add the wet effect and add rain.

In order to complete this tutorial, you will need the following:

-- Photoshop 7
-- Freshly rendered picture saved as a .psd directly from Poser.
-- Flaming Pear's 'Flood' filter found at and his submerge tutorial found in the .zip.
-- Sufficient knowledge of Photoshop and its tools.

This tutorial is made based on an assumption that you know a bit about Photoshop and how to use the tools therein.

Tutorial Comments

LukeKwolek  9:42PM Tue, 15 July 2003

I think a "wetlook" would be easier if you just did it right in Poser via the materials. Looks even better I think.

VOID  2:18PM Thu, 19 June 2003

As I commented on your "Dante" picture, you definately need to give that rain some depth. Just putting a layer above the picture does not give good results. Without depth, the rain looks twodimensional. You did also make a big mistake with the water. Dont slice the leg with a straight line. It makes the whole scene flat and twodimensional. Retain the third dimension and make the waterline flow around the leg. The wetlook effect ist decent, but if you use rain, you will have to paint collision effects between skin and raindrops. People in the rain are not just a bit wet, they are hit by rain drops in a similarly important manner. Thanks anyway for the tutorial. Perhaps you can make a revised second version and no hard feelings please. This is really meant as a potentially helpful comment. :D

JoeyGraphX  2:41PM Tue, 17 June 2003

Excellent indeed, the only mistake is the shape of the water on the leg : it should be a half circle !!!

MLamour  4:45AM Tue, 17 June 2003

excellent tutorial.Thank you