How to make easy injection morph pose file using CR2Builder.

Skill Level: Regular / Views: 1517 / System Requirements: WindowsXP or Vista and CR2Builder

Content of the tutorial. 1.Get a FBM from Girl4. 2.Inject it to Victoria4.2.

kim99 on 11:20PM Wed, 19 August 2009

Makeing Girl 4 with FBM.

Need: CR2Builder Ver2.15.3.8 WindowsXP and Vista Application.
download from

1.Makeing Girl 4 with FBM.
Making Girl 4 with FBM. Because "The Girl 4.cr2" have without FBM.

1-1.lunch Poser.exe.
1-2.Delete all figure.
1-3.load "The Girl 4.cr2".
1-4.Save To "G4+.cr2"
1-5.See File size. G4+.cr2 is Large.

Tutorial Comments

icandy265  12:36AM Thu, 26 August 2010

Wow, thank you this is very helpful, a bit confusing because of the language, but I followed along okay. I never even knew CR2Builder could do that. :D Thanks!