How Can Use CBR File at Carrara

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easy basic start tutorial of carrara~~~~very much beginner but every beginner don't know to naturelly~~~i want to makes kind tutorial~~~~i hope it's helped for every beginners speacilly start with carrara as understanding carrara cbr file shaders~~~~^^**********thanks~~~~^^********

sontaeseok on 1:56AM Wed, 17 June 2009


it's very much for beginner as basic to carrara


why I made this tutorials because I find some beginner don't know about that so I want to help them so easy to easy~~~~



ok!example when you half to these as wet cloth cbr file move to program file>daz>carrara>presets>shaders>any you want place basic shaders or misc,skin and than example~~~~~


picture1)call james interface of carrara


picture2)see right side you can find james object list and than you half to click model not james






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sontaeseok  9:00PM Wed, 29 July 2009

if understand hard,more hard trust everybody possible thought this tutorial,many people get this tutorial and letter to me. other people possible,too~~~~~~thanks^^***********

Jedi_Padawan  6:03PM Tue, 28 July 2009

Sorry, I don't understand a word.... have you translated this with an online service?

goofygrape  5:51PM Fri, 19 June 2009

I thought that this was very good . Beginner or not