TIP OF FOX part3(poly painting with zbrush)

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finished tip of fox tutorials with this tutorial very easy made realistic texture to more quality your cg helped.maybe highlights of tip of fox,happy join us and takes good one~~~~

sontaeseok on 4:34AM Wed, 03 June 2009


this is poly painting tutorial with Zbrush.


reference tutorial tip of fox(1),(2)


you must made uv map with your 3d figure before this,that help by tip of fox part2


let's start comtogether



pictures1,2)first you half to enter zbrush main interface next you click texture that button above at zbrush interface as picture(1).


when click texture rasing button image plane>load image and click you can call your photography file and load in zbrush interface as picture(2)





picture3)and click import call 3d figure as wave front object file that button at right side interface as picture(3)



picture4)before load 3d figure shader change to fast shader with left side below texture off in zbrush interface help with picture(4)


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Dreamdesigner  10:35AM Thu, 26 August 2010

And please help:How to create UV map in Z brush,for any 3Dmodel;starship,gun,human....whatever!? Thanks in advance...

Dreamdesigner  10:05AM Thu, 26 August 2010

Thank you very much Sontaeseok....